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Investing in the Samara region

Samara, formerly known as Kuybyshev, is one of the largest and most prominent regions in Russia. It is also referred as Region 63 and is situated in the south-eastern region of European Russia. Samara region is the administrative hub of the Samara Oblast and is one of the most stable leaders of the national economy.

Samara region is renowned across the world for its planes, cars, bearings, aluminium and cables. It is also the hub of the Russian space industry. Satellite launchers, unique aircraft engines and manual space crafts are produced in this region.

Popular beverages’ companies, such as Pepsi, Coca Cola and Nestle have set up their plants in the Samara region.

Samara region is a hub of innovation and industrial development. It provides the essential environment required for innovative development. This includes, a significant industrial and scientific potential, availability of well-trained personnel and a well-established infrastructure of innovative activities. The obvious advantages of Samara region are the favourable business climate and the multidisciplinary structure of the industrial system.

Samara region is the leading producer of synthetic ammonia, nitrogen, light vehicles, floor cloth and rubber. It also holds the second position in oil processing.
Following are the six major reasons for investing in the Samara region:

  • It witnesses a high level of economic activity
  • It has a well-developed potential of education and innovation
  • It has a well-developed social assets and favourable environment
  • It has investment-friendly laws and regulations
  • It has an abundant and amiable workforce

Transportation in the Samara region:

Samara is a major transport hub of Russia and is located on the M5 highway- a road connecting Moscow and the Ural region.

It has Kurumoch International Airport that handles flights not only throughout Russia but also to Prague, Frankfurt, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Germany, UAE, Italy and Austria.
Samara also has a well-developed railway network. However, there’s no railway link from Samara to Moscow and other major Russian cities. As far as the flow of traffic is concerned, Samara region stands fourth in Russia.

Samara is also a major river port. It has outlet to nearly every sea port to the Caspian, Mediterranean and Scandinavia through Baltic and Volga-Don canals.

City transport of the Samara region includes trams, private and municipal bus lines, trolleybuses and the Samara Metro.

The major natural resources of the Samara region are Oil and Gas. The region has more than 350 oilfields.

Following are some of the most prominent enterprises of the Samara region:

  • Novokuibyshevsk oil company
  • Samara metallurgical works
  • AutoVAZ production of cars
  • Samaraneftegas
  • Otradnoe gas-refining plant
  • volganeft
  • Samara-Nafta oil company

Processing plants and fuel and chemical industries are two of the most attractive spheres for foreign investment in the Samara region.

The best thing about Samara region is its safe credit history of enterprises. Besides, in comparison to most other regions in Russia, Samara region involves a relatively low investment and credit risk.

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