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Hanko Hackberry Group

Hanko Hackberry is a dynamic, people company with a vision that foresees bringing global society together on a single platform. Strongly positioned to help your business and you profit from the global marketplace, Hanko Hackberry believes in delivering what the client wants and needs with insightful expertise. With a diverse and yet specialized range of services and businesses, Hanko Hackberry excels in providing businesses with value addition and personalized proficiency.


Creating Bridges of Businesses and Communication to Inspire and Engage Society.


The business verticals at Hanko Hackberry span Information Technology, Media, Services and Intellectual Property. Besides being a client-centric organization, Hanko Hackberry is a people-oriented company. Driven by a mission to bring the world closer by building bridges of communication, we ensure that every initiative and project that we undertake aims to do just that.


The Hanko Hackberry Spirit

Committing our resources, expertise and industry insight to working with our clients and helping their businesses grow stronger and better. We believe in seizing global prospects and leveraging them to benefit clients’ businesses, developing strategic partnerships, embracing change, benefiting the environment and enhancing our specialized expertise and competencies.

Using Communication to Leverage and Promote

Communication is core to our business and at Hanko Hackberry, we believe in bringing the world together through the power of communication. Whether it is electronic media or traditional publishing, Hanko Hackberry has the perfect solution for your needs. The innovation team believes in tapping cutting-edge technology products while the services team has the insight and intellect needed for the real estate and investment sectors.

Commitment to Excellence and Success

Our passion lies in helping businesses and clients to succeed and it derives from a belief in delivering the very best at all times and a commitment to creating opportunities and products that engage and inspire the global community. Our talent pool is our strength and chosen for exhibiting the same commitment, spirit and passion that fuels the organization.

Backed by support from the industries and with an eye on the global market, Hanko Hackberry thrives on deadlines, challenges and situations that require ‘out-of-the-box thinking’. Our team of professionals is empowered to create projects and products that reduce geographical distances simply by communicating clearly with the end-user. In other words, Hanko Hackberry clearly believes in leveraging costs and talents to produce results that are effective and excellent.

Being dependable and reliable is what Hanko Hackberry strives for. Our business culture is truly global and strikes a great balance in embracing local aspects while remaining international as well. With a strong professional base in verticals and horizontals, we are an extremely project-oriented, client-centric organization that can take complete responsibility for delivering bottom line results.

Leading the Way While Following Trends

At HH, the global society is mapped and tracked with intensity and in-depth analysis enabling us to provide clients with the latest know-how and information even before it hits the markets. It is our mission to create bridges of communication that span across geographic borders and territories. We realize that this is possible only by a strong commitment to focus, identify and deliver…again and again.

Our Services:

Country Governments/Investment Agencies

-          Integrated Country Branding and Marketing Solutions

State Governments/State investment agencies/ City Councils

-          State/city Branding and marketing solutions

-          Reports and newsletters

-          Promotion of investment destination and opportunities

Business Associations/Non-Profitable organisations

-          News feeds

-          Reports

-          Newsletters

-          Promotion of events or delegation for investments

Investment businesses

-          News

-          Reports

-          Newsletters

-          Investment opportunities/deals promotion

-          Branding and profiling on our portals and other media.

Businesses and others

-          Profiling and Branding of the business

-          News, reports

-          Newsletters promotion

-          Branded contents etc.


Business Type: 
Service Provider

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