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The 5th All-Russian Conference “The demographic development of the Far East” started in Magadan

The 5th All-Russian Conference "The demographic development of the Far East" started in Magadan. The plenary session was held at the site of the Magadan Music and Drama Theater.

The Deputy Presidential Plenipotentiary Representative in the Far Eastern Federal District Grigory Kuranov made a welcoming speech. He noted that one of the big problems of the Far East is the outflow of population and the state is faced with the task of changing this situation.

“We need to make young people come back; we need to keep those who continue to live in the Far East and attract new people. Our mission is to increase the birth rate, to provide high-quality training and good jobs, ”said Grigory Kuranov.

Alexander Kozlov, Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, sent a greeting to the participants. He was read by Grigory Smolyak, Director of the Social Department of the Ministry of Eastern and Eastern Development. In his address, Alexander Kozlov recalled that in 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the development of the Far East - the country's national priority for the entire 21st century. The minister stressed that serious economic mechanisms have been launched, thanks to which the district shows steady growth rates, ahead of the average figures for Russia. According to Alexander Kozlov, the key point of state policy is to improve the quality of life of people in the Far East.

“Enterprises are starting up and new jobs are being created. A serious work was carried out on adjusting the state programs, in which a compulsory share of investment character was fixed for the development of the okrug to create territories of priority socio-economic development, state support for significant investment projects, and small business development. Last year, the development of centers of economic growth began. More than 90 billion rubles have been allocated for this purpose. These are new medical institutions, schools, sports complexes, houses of culture, road construction, improvement of cities and towns, equipping hospitals and institutions of secondary vocational education with modern equipment. Such a renovation of the social sphere has not been in the Far East for the past 30 years, ”says the appeal of Alexander Kozlov

In turn, the governor of the Magadan region Sergey Nosov in his speech paid serious attention to the need to increase the number of residents in the region and the duration of their life. 

The report of the head of the territory reflected the main demographic problems facing the Magadan region. Population outflow is one of the most important.

Sergey Nosov proposed to compare the dynamics of the dependence of the value of gold and the population in the Magadan region. The price grew - the number of residents grew as well, but recent years show that even now expensive gold cannot stop people leaving Kolyma forever. According to Sergey Nosov, as a result of a decrease in the number of inhabitants, the birth rate is decreasing, and due to the aging of the population, a number of attendant social difficulties appear. The head of the territory sees one of the solutions to the problem - to diversify the economy.

“If the current social and economic situation remains as it is now, then in 30 years the number of residents in Kolyma will decrease to 105 thousand people from the current 140,” said Sergey Nosov. - We need the growth of the regional gross product twice. Our advantage in the mineral resource base. We must keep high places in the extraction of gold and other minerals, which are abundant in Kolyma. But only gold mining is not enough for the intensive development of the region. And today we are seriously working on this. ”

Sergey Nosov believes that the Magadan region has everything necessary to become a non-subsidized region and to be able to solve problems on its own with its own forces and plan development, regardless of anyone. And this will allow not only to keep residents from leaving, but also to increase the population. The implementation of national projects in the region also remains important. In addition, the governor proposed to consider the inclusion of the Magadan region in the Arctic zone, which can give the territory a number of preferences for taxation, investment, transport, tourism and a number of other socio-economic areas.

The participants of the plenary conference supported the speech of Sergey Nosov. It was noted that, for example, the creation of a system of training and employment of young people, could now allow to keep or return the most mobile part of the population to the Far East. Sergey Hovrat, Director General of the Human Capital Development Agency in the Far East, referred to the VTsIOM research and stressed that the main factors for retention in the region are employment, high wages, career opportunities and self-realization.

“Already, our Agency is working together with the regions and employers, aimed at retaining young people, namely, work on vocational guidance of schoolchildren, creation of specialized educational programs, employment of young people, adaptation at the enterprise. The conference will allow discussing existing and new measures that can be implemented in the near future, ”said the Head of the Agency.

According to the governor of the Magadan region, today it is necessary to create such conditions and interest the younger generation so that, having received education in other cities, people return and start a career with decent wages and the prospect of professional growth.

The All-Russian Conference "The demographic development of the Far East" will last three days in Magadan. The organizers are the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East, and the Government of the Magadan Region. The event is practical in nature: decisions taken at the end of the day find life in the form of program documents, and also stimulate the dissemination of best practices in the field of demographic development in the regions of the Far East. Expert discussions and the development of new solutions are particularly relevant now when the national project “Demography” is being implemented, on the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Information provided by the press service of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East

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