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86 Million Rubles Of Farmer Products Arrived At Fairs In Tatarstan

In 2019, 78 fairs were organized in Chelny, 46 of which were agricultural.

Farmers brought in over 715 tons of products worth more than 86 million rubles, said Raisa Sultanova, head of the consumer market department of the economic development and entrepreneurship support department of the executive committee of Chelnov, on business Monday .

“In 2019, the amount of products sold increased by 32%. The growth in sales is associated with an increase in the number of fairs held, as well as due to the fact that in recent years, Chelny residents increasingly prefer local products, thus recognizing their quality and affordability, ”the official said.

In the structure of sales in the spring and winter, meat (40%), potatoes (33%) and other products (17%) prevail.



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