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Alexander Kozlov: The Far East needs its own regional airline

The Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, Alexander Kozlov, in an interview with the Magadan TV channel “Kolyma +”, stated that in order to develop transport accessibility between the regions of the Far East, it is necessary to create a regional airline. 

“Even when I was governor of the Amur Region, I participated in this work. We discussed the creation of a regional airline. The order of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation on creation is It was given back in 2017. But, unfortunately, those leaders who were assigned this task did not cope; someone already does not work in the Government. We are now “resuscitating” this order, ”said Alexander Kozlov. 
According to the head of the Ministry of Eastern and Eastern Development, one of the main questions is“ what kind of aircraft will fly ”. 

“We are ready to find money and purchase, for example, 20 aircraft for small aircraft. We consider the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, which is ready to produce a new model of the aircraft TVS-2DTS "Baikal". It is very well suited precisely for the purposes of small aircraft, ”commented Alexander Kozlov.

TVS-2DTS "Baikal" is the final version of the project for a fuel assembly having an all-composite carbon fiber structure and a completely new fuselage and a new cockpit. Thanks to the use of a modern avionics complex, TVS-2DTS will become an all-weather aircraft and can be operated at any time of the day. The cruise speed of the aircraft is 330 km / h, the maximum flight range is 4500 km.



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