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In the Amur region, foreigners will be invited to gather mushrooms

A resident of the Amur region plans to create a "mushroom" tours for foreigners. A year ago, Andrei Davydyuk learned that matsutake mushroom is especially appreciated in the kitchen of neighboring Asian countries, and friends suggested where this delicacy grows in the Amur region. So the idea was born to take out the inhabitants of China and Japan to the taiga, where they will collect the matsutake, and prepare them there.

“Now we are finalizing the route and are engaged in infrastructure to make the path comfortable. In October, we want to present the project at an exhibition in Japan. Of course I want to do everything according to my mind - to build houses, a bathhouse, I know that in Eastern countries they love to bathe, but I’m not afraid to master without investor’s financial help. Therefore, for the first time, tourists will spend the night in tents, ”said the entrepreneur.

In total, the trip will take five days, including departure from Blagoveshchensk and return. Groups plan to collect up to 10 people. Andrey Davydyuk shares, that the route is specially made not difficult, so that anyone can master the road. Only because of the seasonality of plants such tours will be available only one month a year - in August.

Andrey Davydyuk has been organizing tourist trips to the best places of his native land for a year and a half. The businessman believes that with the proper approach, the natural beauty of the Amur Region can compete with Kamchatka and Sakhalin.  

“The prospects for the region are very large. For example, we have the same mountains as in Yakutia, of course, getting there is far, logistics is difficult. And then there are beaches on the snowy sands on the Zeya reservoir. And I'm not talking about those that local people have already chosen. There are wild beaches where you can get only by water. If you organize a complex there, it will work all year round - in the summer a beach holiday, and in the winter ice fishing, ”said Andrey Davydyuk.  

In the Amur region today a number of infrastructure facilities are being implemented that can stimulate the development of tourism. In addition, this year the regional government plans to create a tourist information center, which will develop and introduce new routes, as well as provide tourists with interesting information about the Amur region.

“For 10 years, the entrance tourist flow from the PRC has increased 9 times in the Amur Region - in 2018 it amounted to 101.4 thousand people. Also last year, individual tourists from Australia, Germany, Spain, Indonesia, Canada, Republic of Korea, Republic of Congo, Mexico, Malaysia, USA, and Japan visited the region. The domestic tourist flow in the region also increased, it amounted to 339.4 thousand people, ”said the Minister of Economic Development and Foreign Relations of the Amur Region, Lyudmila Starkova.



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