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ARCHK DV attracts highly qualified specialists to the enterprises of residents of the TOP

Technological production of residents of priority development areas require providing them with personnel with a high level of professional training. The seaside company REV-Stroy is a resident of the Nadezhdinskaya TOP and specializes in glazing construction projects - the construction of winter gardens, glass roofs, facade glazing, including with solar-powered heating collectors integrated into them. In this area, the company has gained unique experience by participating in the construction of both large objects - shopping centers, office buildings, exhibition halls - as well as private houses and apartments. A rare format for the construction industry, the company’s work dictates increased demands on the professional experience of employees.

“You must admit that it’s not so often in our lives that people by profession are an engineer-designer of translucent structures,” says Evgeny Ruban, director of REV-Stroy. - This is a rare competence, and to find a specialist with work experience who would suit the enterprise is not an easy task. The Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East has been helping us in the selection of employees since 2018, and this time, when the question arose of attracting an engineer of translucent structures to the enterprise, we turned to ARCHK DV specialists for help. ”

The vacancy parameters met the complex challenges facing the company: the employer was ready to consider only candidates with higher technical education, at least two years of experience in designing translucent and glass-aluminum structures for such projects as building facade glazing, stained-glass windows, ventilated facades, winter gardens, glass roofs, as well as skills in calculating structures and their elements, designing fasteners, developing product designs, detailing, and producing assembly drawings.

There were no responses to the posted vacancy, therefore, ARCHK DV specialists conducted a proactive labor market analysis based on the available CVs of specialists of this profile and selected two candidates with the desired experience and specialization for REV-Stroy. One of them was especially interested in the company: after graduating from the Far Eastern State Technical University with a degree in mechanical engineering, Evgeny Voroshilov went from a milling machine operator to a chief engineer of one of the regional enterprises, over the years of working as a highly skilled specialist in the field of designing translucent translucent structures. Following the results of the interview, Yevgeny Voroshilov received a job offer and in June 2019 began working at REV-Stroy.

“I have been engaged in translucent structures for more than 15 years,” says Evgeny Voroshilov. - At the new place of work, I continue to expand my experience - in the last two years, the company has been developing the direction of the integrated turnkey construction of energy-saving earthquake-resistant houses. These tasks are new, interesting and creative for me. ”

The Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East (ARCHK DV) was established in 2015 in order to provide qualified personnel for resident companies in the territories of priority development, the Free Port of Vladivostok, as well as investment projects in the Far East. The mission of the Agency is to ensure the growth and development of human capital in the Far East. In September 2016, the Agency received additional functions to support the Far Eastern Hectare program.

Information provided by the press service of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East



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