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Aslan Kanukoev, general director of KRDV JSC, inspected the priority development areas of the Khabarovsk Territory

Aslan Kanukoev, General Director of the Far East Development Corporation JSC, conducted a working visit to the Khabarovsk Territory. During the four-day visit to the region, meetings were held with residents of the TOR “Khabarovsk”, “Nikolaevsk” and “Komsomolsk”, investment sites were examined, and issues of creating infrastructure were discussed.

According to the program of detour of the territories of advanced development, the objects of residents of the Khabarovsk Tor Foundation were the first to be examined. Immediately upon arrival, on June 20, the delegation visited Khabarovsk International Airport JSC. The investor is building a new passenger terminal at the international airport with a capacity of up to 3.5 million passengers per year. The terminal’s first phase is scheduled to be commissioned in September 2019. The terminal is designed according to modern standards. It will provide a high level of convenience, safety and efficiency of passenger service, including people with limited mobility.

At the Rakitnoe investment site of the Khabarovsk TRS, the participants of the trip familiarized themselves with the implementation of the construction of infrastructure facilities - electricity, water supply and drainage, storm sewer. On the Avangard site, Aslan Kanukoev, General Director of the KRDV JSC, held meetings with the residents of Avangard Industrial Park LLC, Logisterra LLC, Khabarovsky Refrigeration Plant LLC, and JJ Evergreen LLC.

During the meeting, the company JJ Evergreen briefed the delegation on the progress of the project for the construction of greenhouses.

“We will not stop at what we have achieved,” commented Arai Kazunori, CEO of JJ Evergreen LLC, “We plan to launch the construction of the third phase of the greenhouse complex to supply the residents of the region with tomatoes and strawberries.”

The head of the Management Company supported the idea of ​​the investment project and expressed the readiness of the Corporation to render him full assistance. “I wish the resident further development and growth, expansion of the types of products produced. And we, in turn, will help this important project for the region, ”said Aslan Kanukoev.

The next day, Aslan Kanukoev, Director General of KRDV JSC, took part in a retreat on infrastructure construction for the Khabarovsk, Nikolaevsk and Komsomolsk PDAs chaired by Dmitry Tetenkin, Advisor to the Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic.

The meeting discussed the current and future needs of residents in the engineering, transport and energy infrastructure, provision of land. Following the meeting, with all investors, agreements were reached on the need to synchronize the connection times to the infrastructure with the actual status of project implementation.

“We recognize the importance of timely completion of infrastructure construction for residents of advanced development territories and take maximum efforts to implement the measures within the agreed time frame,” said Aslan Kanukoyev, general director of KRDV, at the meeting.

On the same day, the head of the KRDV JSC made a report at the next meeting of the interdepartmental working group on ensuring compliance with the requirements of legislation in the territories of priority development and respect for the rights of entrepreneurs in the Far East. The meeting was held in Khabarovsk under the chairmanship of the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Tkachev.

In his speech, Aslan Kanukoev highlighted the main problems faced by residents of TOR, as well as outlined the ongoing and planned measures to eliminate such problems. In particular, the introduction of amendments to the law on PD, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the time periods for the allocation of land plots to residents of the PDA and the time frame for the creation of infrastructure.

In Komsomolsk-on-Amur on Sunday, June 23, the working trip began with a visit to the Parus investment site of the Komsomolsk Tor. Here, as part of the creation of infrastructure for residents, the construction of two industrial and administrative buildings is being completed. The premises with a total area of ​​2748 square meters are designed to accommodate the production of various profiles. Commissioning of buildings is scheduled for September this year. It is planned to locate enterprises for the production of components for the aviation industry, as well as a number of small and medium-sized companies that will receive preferential conditions for the creation of production associations.

The next item on the program was a metal fabrication plant under construction with the installation of a hot-dip galvanizing line. The project worth 354 million rubles is being implemented by a resident of the TDM Komsomolsk LLC Dalstalindustriya, in agreement with the Far East Development Corporation JSC. The company will create 101 jobs. The plant, equipped with high-tech and most automated equipment, will be able to produce at least 20 thousand tons of steel structures with a corrosion-resistant coating. Products will be used in road and industrial construction, agriculture and energy.

Alexander Kuznetsov, Deputy General Director of Dalstalindustriya LLC, presented the project to Aslan Kanukoeva, General Director of KRDV JSC, telling about the current stage of construction - manufacturing the plant foundation, and noting the importance of providing the facility with gas supply in the second quarter of 2020.

At the Amurlitmash site of the TOR "Komsomolsk", the head of the Centurion-Stroy company implementing the timber harvesting project, Sergey Tkachenko appealed to Aslan Kanukoyev, the general director of the AO "KRDV" production development.

According to the head of the Managing Company, this issue will be worked out by the relevant divisions of AO "KRDV" together with the Ministry of East Development. “Federal legislation allows the city to transfer these railway lines to KRDV, and we will be able to transfer them to the resident for rent,” Aslan Kanukoev said.

During the visit to the Holdmi site of the Komsomolsk PDA, the delegation met with three residents.

LLC Flagman is implementing a project on artificially snowing slopes and building new ski slopes. The investor completes the installation of a unique gondola cable car. Already this year, a lift with warm cabins will make the rest of the guests of the ski complex more comfortable in winter, at low temperatures. The new cableway with a length of 2.5 kilometers will be able to lift up to 2,000 skiers and snowboarders per hour to the top of Mount Holdomi, at 853 meters above sea level, with its introduction, more than 15 kilometers of tracks of different levels of difficulty will be added to the existing slopes.

Extreme Service Company is building a water-health complex on the Holdmi investment site. As part of the project, the resident has already built a medical center and a complex for weddings with a capacity of more than 120 people.

GLK Holdomi LLC is implementing a project to build a five-star hotel with 20 rooms on top of a mountain. Its entry is scheduled for 2021.

The implementation of these projects will allow the complex to become the largest ski resort in the Far East and increase the tourist flow twice - up to 120 thousand people. Residents are already fully provided with power supply in the framework of the work of AO "KRDV" on the creation of infrastructure of the PDA. By the beginning of the autumn-winter season of 2019–2020, GLK Holdingi and Extreme Service will also be provided with heating and hot water from a new gas boiler house.

It is worth noting that in the summer, a children's recreation camp was organized in the ski complex “Holdomi”, which receives 250 children per shift.

“Currently, 80 residents are implementing their projects at the TOR and SPV of the Khabarovsk Territory, the total investment in these projects will amount to 144 billion rubles, and as a result of their full implementation almost 9 thousand jobs will be created,” said the Director General of KRDV JSC Aslan Kanukoev. - Today in the Far East, entrepreneurs have many opportunities to implement their ideas. Our main task is to assist and accompany residents in the framework of the state support of investors, ensuring the implementation of the maximum number of announced projects. ”

Information provided by the press service of the Far East Development Corporation.



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