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Autumn Budget Adjustment Russian Ministry Of Industry Will Be Based On A Project Approach

 On Friday, 28 April, chaired by the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Gleb Nikitin, the first meeting of the coordinating body of the project activity of the Ministry.

The meeting was attended by heads of structural divisions of Russian Industry and Trade Ministry, the project office of the Ministry, the Department of project activities of the Russian Federation. They discussed the submitted project proposals in the field of agricultural and railway engineering, pharmaceutical and light industry, building materials, waste management and environmental protection. Also heard initiative for the development of exports of oil and gas, heavy and power engineering.

"We have come a long and successful way to implement the principles of project management in the Ministry of Industry. This year, work began on the formation of a departmental portfolio, which consists of three primary steps: determination of the directions, the approval criteria and the formation of project proposals ", - Gleb Nikitin said, opening the meeting.

He noted that at present the structural subdivisions of the Ministry has formed 22 project proposals in accordance with the approved priority directions of development 9.

"I would like to draw attention to the fact that in every project we need to lay the export potential, it is important to make this focus. In addition, I believe that we need to redistribute the autumn budget money to prepare proposals already on the basis of the project approach ", - said the first deputy minister.

Deputy head of the Industry and Trade Ministry of Russia Vasily Osmakov spoke at the meeting about the main directions of the project activities of the Ministry, its principles and prospects.

We have completed the formation of the necessary platform for the submission and consideration of proposals. The first initiatives have already passed the rankings and received a comprehensive assessment. In general meeting of the Coordinating body will be an important part of our management process. Effective project work will significantly improve the transparency of the internal departmental procedures, the quality of the financial feasibility of the proposed initiatives to strengthen the motivation of relevant departments of Industry and Trade and the competitive component of the Ministry ", - said Vasily Osmakov.      

For more details about the mechanism of the ranking of project proposals and the process of formation of the general director of the Center for Project Management in Industry (Project Office Industry and Trade) Vladimir Pastukhov. He, in particular, stressed the high degree of elaboration of the proposals.

"We received 22 project proposals from sectoral departments in all priority areas of the Ministry. For evaluation used the key parameters such as the increase in production of high-tech products, the export potential of the project, the availability of the necessary infrastructure, and others. In this work actively involved and regions. Through the Department of Industry and Trade of the regional industrial policy, we received more than 80 proposals from 34 of the Russian Federation ", - said Vladimir Pastukhov.

For reference:

Coordinating the activities of federal executive bodies in addressing issues related to the implementation of priority projects provided by the Council under the Russian President for Strategic Development and priority projects.

At the level of the Presidium of the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry performs functions departmental coordinating body of project activities under the chairmanship of Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

On approval of the decision of the coordinating body of the project activities Russian Industry and Trade Ministry submitted project proposals received 150 points or more on the results of a preliminary evaluation of the parameters of the "value" and "marketability".


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