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"Baikal harbor" will choose the optimal preferential regime to attract investors

The Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, the Agency for the Far East to attract investment and export support (ANO API) in conjunction with the government of the Republic of Buryatia should make a comparison of the regimes of priority development areas and special economic zones and choose the most attractive investors to attract to Baikal Harbor . The corresponding instruction was given by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation - Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev.

“It is necessary to attract investors who can ensure cluster development,” said Yury Trutnev following a visit to the Baikal Harbor SEZ. The Vice Prime Minister ordered ANO IPA to connect to the search for investors in the tourism and recreation sector, adding that there should be a “system investor”.

The head of the republic, Aleksey Tsydenov, informed about the region’s interest in creating a modern tourism infrastructure that will not bear the ecological burden on the ecosystem of Lake Baikal. “We need a civilized tourism, which will help preserve the beauty and unique nature of Baikal, as well as create new jobs,” he said.

The special economic zone of the tourist-recreational type “Baikal Harbor” was established in 2007 in the territory of the Pribaikalsky district of Buryatia for a period of 49 years. Over the years of the existence of the zone by budgets of all levels, 4.7 billion rubles have been invested in the engineering infrastructure of the Baikal Harbor, of which one third are republican. In 2018, the authority and property fund of the “Baikal Harbor” was transferred from federal to republican ownership. The government of the region has created a new management company.

Over the past year and a half after the project was restarted, the Government of Buryatia, together with the management company, terminated agreements with 10 of the 12 companies. At the same time, four new investors were attracted, two of which represent the Republic of Korea. The total amount of investments announced by the “new pool of investors” is 5.6 billion rubles. The project of Green Flow Baikal was also presented at the past expert council of the Baikal Harbor SEZ. The investor intends to build a four-star hotel with 180 rooms with a large water-health complex and significant congress facilities. The total amount of announced investment is 871 million rubles. The planned commissioning period is the second half of 2021.

A meeting on the results of the work carried out to assess the preferential regimes and proposals to attract investors to the region is planned to be held in October of this year.



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