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Based On The GISP, There Are 147 Digital Services For All Subjects Of Industry

 The issues of the development of the State Information Industry System (GISP) were devoted to the meeting in the Smolny Industrial Council of St. Petersburg, in which Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Vasily Osmakov took part .    

The Industrial Council of St. Petersburg is a permanent advisory body, which includes the heads of the relevant bodies of state power in St. Petersburg, representatives of the Legislative Assembly, industrial enterprises, unions, associations, professional associations. The chairman of the council is the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko.

The main topic of the meeting was the development of the State Information Industry System (GISP) as the main service B2B platform for industrial business. To date, the system has registered about 104,000 active users, including all strategic enterprises and development institutions, as well as engineering centers, industry associations, federal and regional authorities. 

The Government of St. Petersburg was one of the first in Russia to organize a direct dialogue of industrial enterprises of the city with customers at the GISP site for the formation of medium-term production programs. More than 230 St. Petersburg enterprises are registered in the system, branch committees present catalogs of Russian products for the implementation of import substitution projects.

At the moment, work is under way to form a regional segment of the St. Petersburg GISP, which will allow to unite all the information resources and catalogs of the city's committees on the same site. Today the system offers already 147 different services for all categories of users - from the navigator of state support measures to the trading floor of the consolidated order. This is more than 2500 import substitution projects, about 4 thousand trades per day and signed contracts worth over 1.1 trillion rubles

said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Vasily Osmakov.

He stressed that the infrastructure of GISP is in a high stage of readiness and invited industrial enterprises of St. Petersburg to actively participate in the further development of this tool. In the near future, the translation into the electronic form of key support measures of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the procedures for confirming the "Russianness" of the products produced, the creation of specialized industry portals and services for building cooperative chains.

December 21, 2017 was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation (No. 1604), which determined the composition of information that should be provided on a regular basis by industrial subjects for inclusion in the GISP. From July 1, 2018, regional and federal authorities will have access to operational data.  


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