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The Chemical Tanker "Balt Fleet 16" Came Down From The Shipyards Of The Sormovskaya Shipyard

 July 21 at the Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) was the ceremony of launching a chemical tanker tanker project RST27M for the company BF Tanker.    

The event was timed to the 168th anniversary of the plant and was held in a solemn atmosphere.

 "Together with the designers we have modernized our most massive project RST27, expanding the tanker's capacities in terms of cargo capacity and assortment of cargo transported ," noted Nikolai Zharkov, General Director of Krasnoye Sormovo Factory

According to the contracts, the Krasnoye Sormovo plant undertakes to build five chemical tankers of the RST27M project for the State Transport Leasing Company (GTLK). The consignee under contracts is OOO BF Tanker. The construction will be carried out in 2017-2018. The customer will receive the first three tankers of this project in 2017. 

The tankers of the RST27M project are being built in Russia for the first time. The tonnage of the vessel is increased by 800 tons (compared to the project RST27), and in 6 tanks it is possible to transport up to three types of cargo in one flight: oil and oil products, as well as harmful liquid substances in bulk.

Vessel characteristics

A self-propelled tanker with six cargo tanks, with two main engines, with two propellers (fixed-pitch propellers), a mixed "river / sea" swimming with a deadweight of about 5337/7875 tons (river / sea) of the Volga-Donmax class ". 

The length of the ship is -140.8 m; Width -16.9 m; Estimated draft of 3.6 m in the river / 4.6 m in the sea.

Class of vessel :  KM   Ice1 1 R2 AUT1-ICS OMBO VCS ECO-S Oil tanker / Chemical tanker type 2 (ESP).

The developer of the project is the Marine Engineering Bureau. Working design was carried out by the Volga-Caspian Design Bureau.

(Based on USC materials)


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