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The Competence In The Production Of Equipment For Fish Processing Continues To Grow

 From 2012 to 2016, the production of Russian equipment for the fish processing industry has increased 4-fold.

A significant contribution to the development of this segment was made by the Kaliningrad Scientific and Production Association Rybtekhtsentr, which produces modern equipment for the processing of fish and seafood. Over the period of more than 50 years of history, the company has developed over 400 types of machines and production lines. The technology of JSC "NPO" Fishtechcenter "is in great demand among foreign companies, including from Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Singapore, Cuba and Yemen.

The enterprise produces a wide range of products, including: fish sorting, dressing and filleting machines, defrosting plants, descaling, seafood processing equipment, raw material and packaging washing, food dosing, metering and auxiliary equipment.

In 2018, "NPO" Fishtechcenter "will complete the design of technological equipment for fish cannery" RK Ostrovnoy ", located on the island of. Shikotan. The project will launch 4 lines for the production of canned fish from Pacific fish:

  • the first line - the production of canned food with the addition of butter or tomato sauce at a speed of up to 200 cans per minute;
  • the second line - the production of canned food with the addition of garnish from sea kale at a rate of up to 120 cans per minute;
  • the third line - the release of salads from sea kale in oil and acid filling at a speed of up to 200 cans per minute;
  • the fourth line - the release of canned from pre-blanched tuna in oil at a speed of up to 120 cans per minute.

The project will create more than 30 jobs, increase the market share of high-tech domestic equipment for fish processing, which, undoubtedly, will positively affect the quality of the final product and its availability to the consumer.

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