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Congratulations by Alexander Kozlov on the Day of the Pacific Fleet

Dear Pacific Sailors! I congratulate you on the 288th anniversary of the formation of the fleet!

Pacific sailors served the Motherland with honor. Today, we are proud to remember the heroes of the Great Northern Expedition of the 18th century, thanks to whom the exact outlines of the coast of Kamchatka and the whole Sea of ​​Okhotsk were mapped. We remember the glorious defenders of Port Arthur - the sailors of the cruisers “Russia”, “The Stormy”, “Rurik” and “The Bogatyr”. The Pacific sailors made an invaluable contribution to the defeat of Nazism and militarism in World War II.

The modern generation of Pacific Ocean adequately continues the traditions of their predecessors. Sailors persistently guard the interests of Russia and make a huge contribution to security in the world's oceans. I sincerely wish everyone who serves on warships and submarines, in the coastal forces of the fleet, naval aviation success, good health, well-being and happy meetings on the coast! Happy holiday! Happy Pacific Fleet!

Minister of the Russian Federation 
for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic                        

Alexander Kozlov




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