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In Crimea, A Modern Passenger Boat Was Launched

 On December 13, 2017, a new modern passenger boat was launched on the FSUE "SZ" More "(the Republic of Crimea). The plant began to conduct a test program for this vessel. 

The high-speed passenger boat "Crimea 1133T" is an excellent solution for sea and river transportations. The vessel is perfectly suited for the organization of regular passenger traffic and for tourist purposes.

With a body length of about 12 meters, the boat comfortably accommodates 9 passengers and 1 crew member. "Crimea 1133T" perfectly behaves in a troubled sea, has a seaworthiness of up to 5 points, and powerful engines allow the boat to move at a speed of up to 30 knots. The vessel is equipped with all means of safety and navigation.

For reference:

FSUE "SZ" More "is one of the leading enterprises in the shipbuilding industry of the Republic of Crimea, which specializes in the construction of ships and ships of civil and military use. In 2015-2016 years. on the basis of FSUE "SZ" More "a large-scale re-equipment of production was carried out, new technological equipment was purchased. The enterprise possesses the necessary competencies, as well as experience in the construction of high-speed passenger ships, ships of the rescue fleet. 


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