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Denis Manturov: All Sectors Will Be Forced To Pass Through A Digital Transformation

 July 11, 2017 in the course of the international industrial exhibition "INNOPROM-2017" Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov chaired a meeting of the Strategic Council in the new industry investment.

In the framework of the Council continued to discuss prospects for the industry that offers a transition to a new technological way.

It is obvious that all industries, sooner or later, will have to pass through a digital transformation  -

said Denis Manturov.

 Council emphasis was placed on promising markets and competencies, which are just beginning to form. It should be noted that in our country a list of such strategic points of growth of the national economy is defined in the development of national technology initiatives. In Russia 9 selected priority markets in almost all infrastructure sectors, global capitalization of each of which by 2035 should exceed 100 billion. Dollars.

The Minister stressed that this is the minimum threshold.

Volumes, and therefore likely to be substantially greater. In particular, the market of additive technologies is growing annually by an average of 30%, and according to experts, provided that the company has introduced 3 D -PRINTING for at least one and a half percent of capacity - that by 2035, the market volume will amount to 350 billion dollars.  -

said the head of the Industry and Trade Ministry of Russia.

In addition, it was noted that the Russian STI - is not just a concept and a program rich with specific projects. Despite the fact that today we are talking primarily about the promising areas, technologies that delineate the outline of the future markets already exist and develop. For example, this solution in the field of industrial Internet, unmanned and "cloud" technology, industrial sensing and robotics, mathematical modeling, artificial intelligence and BigData.

The development of all these areas of Russia can carry out yourself - is competent to allow you to do it  -

said Denis Manturov .

According to the Minister, is much greater effect can be achieved if efforts to coordinate with other countries interested in the innovative development of its industrial sektorov.Segodnya there are opportunities to combine the potential of our national research and scientific centers that will conduct joint development in areas of mutual interest.

In addition, the Russian industry engineering centers established on the basis of the best technical universities are ready to interact and at the design stage. This will significantly reduce costs and schedule, and the results will be translated into new supranational industrial projects.

Transition to the new technological order, the digital transformation of the industry and the constant emergence of more and more new markets - is no alternative path of development  -

said Denis Manturov . 


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