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Denis Manturov Attended A Meeting On The Implementation Of The May Decrees Chaired By Vladimir Putin

 May 4, 2017 by the Russian Federation by President Vladimir Putin, members of the State Council and Presidential Commission on monitoring achievement of the targets of socio-economic development of Russia discussed issues of public and municipal services through the IFC network, the development of a system of independent assessment of the quality of social institutions and resettlement people from emergency housing.

Vladimir Putin, in his welcoming speech noted positive changes in the most important spheres of life for citizens, including health care, education, culture, housing and utilities. According to the President to strengthen partnerships at all levels of government and civil society in addressing national problems.

"The effectiveness of the seriously increased due to public control, which organized the All-Russia People's Front. We must continue to enhance dialogue with professional, volunteer, civic associations, NGOs, to create new opportunities for the implementation of the initiatives of our people ", - said the head of State.

Speaking of assessing the quality of work of the organizations of the social sphere, Vladimir Putin stressed, this is a real instrument of influence on the process of change in hospitals, clinics, educational and cultural institutions, and on the basis of an independent evaluation of the results is necessary to create a clear mechanism for the promotion of social institutions that respond to citizens' requests and to provide for strict action against those who do not want to work to improve its effectiveness.

The Russian leader also touched upon the liquidation of dilapidated housing. According to him, on April 1, 2017 resettled 8.13 million square meters, of which 520 thousand inhabitants - is 73% of the planned target. At the same time, Vladimir Putin instructed the Government of the Russian Federation together with the regions to develop a permanent settlement mechanisms dilapidated housing and run them from 1 January 2019.


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