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Denis Manturov Discussed The Development Of The Mining Industry Of The Magadan Region

The Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov met with the Governor of the Magadan Region Sergey Nosov. During the meeting, the parties discussed topical issues in the development of the mining industry of the region.

Magadan Oblast, having deposits with significant reserves of non-ferrous and precious metals, coal and non-metallic ores, is a traditional mining region

 - noted Denis Manturov.

Having reached the mark of 37 tons of gold at the end of 2018, the Magadan region confidently takes the second place in Russia in precious metals mining. Growth compared to 2017 was 12.2%. The main enterprises in the territory of the Magadan Region that produce gold and silver are: Polymetal JSC, Susumanzoloto JSC, Pavlik SAM, JSC Polyus Magadan. In 2018, these companies showed an increase in production compared to 2017.

In order to form an integrated approach to the development of the precious metals industry, this year the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia developed a draft “Industry Development Strategies for the Period until 2030 .

- said the Minister.

It is worth noting that in accordance with the national project “International Cooperation and Export”, the global goal of the Strategy is defined as “Strengthening Positions in the Global Precious Metals Market” with gold production reaching 427 tons by 2030. Thus, Russia will take the second position (after China) producer in the world for this indicator, ahead of Australia.

The parties also touched upon the implementation of the investment project “Development of the Primorsky deposit, providing financing and construction of the external energy infrastructure of the Baimsky GOK investment project.

Speaking about the construction project of the second stage of Pavlik GOK with an increase in processing capacity up to 10 million tons per year, it was noted that it was planned to modernize existing production facilities with a twofold increase in ore processing from 5 to 10 million tons per year and gold production from 6.8 up to 12 tons per year. In 2021, it is planned to reach its design capacity for processing 10 million tons of ore per year, and production of 12 tons of gold per year. ”

The parties touched upon the issue of cooperation in projects for the development of mining, diversification of the mining industry and investment attractiveness of the Magadan Region (projects "Noble Metals of Kolyma", "Copper Kolyma", "Coal of Kolyma"). The Government of the Magadan Region and the San Eurasia Company signed a cooperation agreement and agreed on mutually beneficial participation in projects for the development of mining of gold, silver, copper, coal, as well as diversification of the investment attractiveness of the Magadan Region on the projects Noble Metals of Kolyma, Copper of Kolyma ”,“ Coal of Kolyma ”. Within the framework of the plan, it is planned to create a joint working group to evaluate potential projects.

We discussed the implementation of the decisions that we made here on the WEF last year - this concerned coal and iron ore deposits, including in cooperation with industrial enterprises in the Far East. We talked about the support of our small business in the creation of the Industrial Development Fund in the Magadan Region. This will simplify the process of obtaining funds to support entrepreneurs and industrialists. We secured such support from the Minister

- noted Sergey Nosov.

Also during the meeting, major projects being implemented in the region and their financing were discussed. According to Sergei Nosov, during the conversation the question arose of creating a “road map” for the implementation of industrial policy in Kolyma.



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