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Denis Manturov Made At The Final Meeting Of The Board Of Russian Ministry Of Energy

 April 7, 2017, a meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of Energy of Russia. The theme of the event were the results of the agency, the main results of the FEC operation in 2016, as well as medium-term objectives.

A welcoming speech to the participants of the College addressed the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich . He noted that there is movement in all directions TEK forward and expressed hope for a stable job in the next period.

"We managed to reach agreement, which gave positive results: the oil price stabilized at a favorable level. Despite the fact that we count on the best scenario, makroeknomicheskie forecasts build on conservative estimates, and consider it correct. Currently we are working on changes in tax policy. The most sophisticated control systems we have seen in the power, but on the basic directions of the decision already taken. In the coal industry the situation is stable: implement the program output of inefficient capacities, to address social issues, working on security, " 'said Deputy Prime Minister.

Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said that the Ministry of Industry of Russia jointly with the Russian Ministry of successfully implementing the task to reduce dependence on imported equipment.

The increase in production was more than 7% over last year. In the past year, we increased the volume of exports of oil and gas machine building 20%. we also pay attention to the expansion of opportunities shipbuilders. Until 2020, on a set of "Star" is planned to build about 20 multipurpose vessels. The successful experience of cooperation in oil and gas equipment we broadcast to other segments. Among the new trends - the development of electricity from renewable energy sources. Already operating power plants based on sun, developed by our companies. Getting to the development of technology in the wind industry

said Denis Manturov.

According to the head of Russian Industry and Trade Ministry, the successful experience of cooperation in oil and gas equipment and offshore subjects failed to translate into other segments. So, in April of this year, will work with the Ministry of Energy of Russia established an interdepartmental coordination council on the development of power engineering, electrical engineering and cable industry. These segments are growing at a very fast pace - the volume of production from the previous year increased by more than 16%.

"Our businesses Energomash have world-class competencies in terms of low power gas turbine installations, established on the basis of aircraft engines. According to the gas turbine average power, which are still mainly purchased abroad, we support the establishment of a domestic GTD-110M, which will fully meet the modern requirements of energy companies "- said Denis Manturov.

Another large-scale vector for the industry and the mining complex, according to the head of Industry and Trade, for the next 7-10 years will be phased modernization through the introduction of best available technologies.

"As part of Energy will operate 7 BREFs are being developed with the direct participation of oil companies. Their implementation according to our estimates will require up to 2030 about 3 trillion. rubles of investments. Accordingly, we set ourselves the task of the domestic engineering industry to develop and master the production of all the necessary equipment , "- said Denis Manturov.





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