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Denis Manturov Met With The Governor Of The Arkhangelsk Region

Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, held a working meeting with Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region Igor Orlov. At the meeting, the sides discussed issues of participation of enterprises in the region in programs for the modernization of production areas.

To date, the largest shipbuilding enterprises of United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC - PO Sevmash JSC and CS Zvezdochka JSC with the necessary competencies, as well as production and human resources for the construction of marine equipment for the development of Arctic shelf deposits . The enterprises are actively working on the issues of participation in promising projects for the development of the Arctic shelf, including the project for the development of the Kamennomyssk-sea shelf gas field in the Gulf of Ob.

The President of Russia has set strategic objectives for the development of the Arctic using domestic equipment and technologies, as well as bringing the share of civilian output to defense industry enterprises to 50 percent by 2030

- noted the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

As was noted during the conversation, for the effective participation of enterprises in projects, timely modernization of their production capacities is necessary.

This is a very important task for the region. We are primarily interested in the issue of loading our enterprises, as well as the preservation and creation of jobs. In this part, we see a promising direction - a project for the development of the Kamennomyssk-sea shelf gas field in the Gulf of Ob

- Governor Igor Orlov emphasized.

During the meeting, the parties also touched upon the issues of improving legislation on priority regional projects in the field of forest development and organizing a meeting on law enforcement. Igor Orlov spoke about the prepared proposals and outlined the points for further development. Separately, the parties discussed proposals from the Arkhangelsk region on state support for joint projects of participants of fishing clusters. Among the support measures were noted repairs and maintenance of vessels of the fishing fleet, delivery of spare parts and mechanisms that have no analogues in the Russian Federation or not produced in the country, comprehensive maintenance of fishing fleet vessels, repair and integrated maintenance of equipment of coastal fish processing enterprises.

In conclusion, Denis Manturov confirmed his willingness to continue to provide the necessary support to enterprises in the region.



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