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Denis Manturov: Our Goal Was And Remains To Enter The World Market

 One of the central events of the first day of the Gaidar Forum-2018 was the panel discussion 2018 "Separating lines in the world economy", during which the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov spoke .

The president of the Center for Strategic Research Pavel Kadochnikov moderated the discussion. President of the European Policy Center Van Rompuy, General Director of JSC "Managing Company of the Russian Fund for Direct Investments" Kirill Dmitriev , Professor of International Economics at the University of Jones, met at a meeting to discuss the pace of global economic development and the globalization of the future, a new fashion in integration agreements, the benefits of globalization in the 21st century. Hopkins Anne Krueger, Chairman of the Board of Directors of East Office of Finnish Industries Esko Aho.

Answering the question of the moderator about how sanctions affect the performance of Russian industry, Denis Manturov described how, as early as in 2017, both commodity turnover, export deliveries and imports increased proportionally by almost 25%. As a result, instead of the left players, their foreign competitors and Russian companies took over.

Realizing the import substitution, we did not set ourselves the task of protecting the domestic market. Our task was and remains to enter the external, world market, -

the Minister noted.

The head of the department also said that the original goal was to create products that surpassed the characteristics of foreign analogues.

Until the end of next year, Russian enterprises will master the production of more than 1 thousand nomenclature positions at the most modern technological level. This is the foundation for further growth of our non-commodity export potential -

he said.

Speaking about the creation of favorable conditions for the support of domestic exporters in high-tech industries, Denis Manturov noted compensation for part of the costs for homologation, international certification, promotion, transportation and stimulation of purchases. So, in particular, for last 2017 it was possible to increase non-raw non-energy exports by 19%.

In addition, answering the question of Pavel Kadochnikov about whether trade and investments are planned to be developed with other states, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia noted that the EEA states are working intensively to conclude free trade agreements with Israel, Singapore, Egypt, India and Iran. Also, according to Denis Manturov, since last year the EAEC free trade regime with Vietnam has been in effect, the first rounds of negotiations have already been held with Israel and Singapore, official negotiations with Egypt and India are planned this year.

At the end of his speech, the Minister stressed that Russia is trying to be as unpolitical as possible in foreign economic activity and noted its readiness to work on mutually beneficial terms with any countries and regional associations in a bilateral and multilateral format at all levels of interaction including scientific, technological, investment and industrial cooperation.


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