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Development of transport infrastructure in Karelia will increase the tourist attractiveness of the region

The development of the transport and engineering infrastructure of Karelia, as well as the increase of the tourist potential of the republic were discussed in the Ministry of Transport by the participants of the profile working group. Her activity is connected with the preparation for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia.

The meeting was held by the Minister of Transport Yevgeny Dietrich. The group was attended by the head of the region, Artur Parfenchikov, representatives of the State Duma, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Economic Development, Russian Railways.

In particular, the possibility of using the Poduzeye airfield for passenger air transport was considered, taking into account the requirements for civil aviation aerodromes. The theme of organizing the air communication of Karelia with Finland was also touched upon.

In the field of road facilities, the possibility of allocating federal subsidies for the construction of a bridge across the gulf of Onega Lake in the Strawnoye microdistrict to replace the existing pontoon ferry was considered.

In addition, the plan of measures for the integrated development of checkpoints across the state border, located in Karelia, was discussed.



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