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Digitalization Of The Industry Will Give A New Impetus To Russian-German Cooperation

 That is the conclusion reached by the participants of the panel session "Russia - Germany:. Digital economy and" Industry 4.0 " Business Opportunities ", held in the framework of the largest industrial exhibition Hannover Messe in the world. One of the speakers at the event were Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Vasily Osmakov.

The main organizer of the panel session was "Roskongress" Foundation, brought together for one "table" of representatives of Russian Industry and Trade Ministry, the Eastern Committee of German Economy, heads of the Russian and German companies. Panelists discussed the mutual cooperation in the field of digital technologies, noting a marked revival of trade and economic relations between the two countries.

Only the first two months of this year the trade turnover between Russia and Germany grew by 43%. This is a very encouraging factor which indicates the development of partnership relations between our countries, even in the presence of prominent political barriers. Moreover, the result of the sanctions has been the influx of investments by German companies in Russia and accelerated access to joint projects in the industrial sector -

said Vasily Osmakov.    

Speaking about the role of digital technologies in the industry, the deputy head of the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry said the general views of Russia and Germany to the global challenges facing the country, and invited German colleagues to continue the dialogue in early June at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum. 

Our response to these global challenges is the track "Tehnet" National Technology Initiative, which activities and projects about 80% identical with the German concept of "Industry 4.0". Both Russia and Germany are interested in the maximum penetration of digitalisation in various sectors of the economy, which will bring a number of positive effects, including increased productivity by 30-40%. Among other things, for Russia it would be a great opportunity to enter the club of the leading global digital powers, eliminating the lag from the competition -

said the deputy minister. 

Basil Osmakov also recalled in the context of Russian-German cooperation that three of the eight special investment contracts were signed with German companies. Deputy head of the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry said that a key focus of the partnership with Germany is the transfer of competencies in the field of mechanical engineering. With priority given to projects that are related to digital production and the creation of "factories of the future".    


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