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Far Eastern hectare for life and tourism settles resident of Primorye

A new tourist project will appear in Primorye on the land received under the Far Eastern Hectare program, - Andrei Barsukov is building the Edge of Three Borders campus in the Khasansky district on the seashore. To date, part of the complex has already been built - work is underway to agree on the arrangement of access roads and connecting communications. Andrei Barsukov shared his plans for the use of the “Far Eastern hectare”   with the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East.

“When choosing a“ hectare ”, I was guided by the location by the sea, within walking distance of the picturesque sights and pristine nature. And we managed to find, in our opinion, a unique place, which we now call “The Land of Three Borders,” says the recipient of the “Far Eastern hectare” Andrei Barsukov. “The name of the project is given for a reason. The borders with China and North Korea are nearby. In addition, there is a great beach and stunning landscapes of Pigeon Cliff. "

According to Andrei, the first house has already been built on the plot, where the owner of the “hectare” himself lives, and the foundations of two guest houses have been laid. The plans before the end of the year to complete construction, and next season to break the landscaped park: dig ponds, plant trees and shrubs, as well as to equip the green recreation area. “In your dreams, you can also make gazebos, where you can hide from the scorching sun (this is a necessity, as practice shows), as well as a room with a kitchen area, where there will be a fireplace stove, in which you can cook kebabs,” he said.

Activities have already been prepared for the tourists - these are trips on quad bikes, and windsurfing, hiking trips to Pigeon Cliff mound and excursions to the Friendship Bridge, to places of Hasan battles, as well as to Kim Il Sung's house. In addition, water tours of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve have been developed, including visits to the South Island of Russia itself - about. Furugelma. The main thing that is needed to start the project, according to Andrei Barsukov, is to resolve the issue of connecting to the power grid and pave the way.

“The house is still connected only to solar panels and a generator. To complete the work and complete the construction of this is not enough - we need central networks. But for a year now, the energy supplying organizations have refused to connect - I submit new applications, ”shared Andrei Barsukov. "Otherwise, my mood is positive - there is a lot of work, and there are even more plans!"

According to the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East, the Primorsky Territory holds the regional leadership in terms of the number of land plots issued under the Far Eastern Hectare program. To date, 14,876 agreements of gratuitous use have been concluded in this subject of the FEFD. For recipients of “Far Eastern hectares” in the region, 24 state support measures are available , which can be found on the website of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East . The amount of assistance provided to the participants of the state program "Far Eastern hectare" in the Primorsky Territory amounted to 49 million rubles.

 Information provided by the press service of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East




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