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The Federal Property Management Agency is completing a series of regional commissions on non-tax revenues to the federal budget

In Kazan, chaired by the Deputy Head of the Federal Property Management Agency Ilya Petrov, a meeting was held with the heads of the territorial bodies of the department within the Volga Federal District.

The heads of the regional departments presented reports on the provision of revenues to the federal budget for the first half of 2019 and described additional measures taken to achieve the plans established by the central office of the Federal Property Management Agency.

In addition, the meeting discussed the implementation of the forecast plan (program) for privatization and the management of delegated joint-stock companies.

During the meeting, Deputy Head Ilya Petrov outlined the importance of timely updating rental rates, intensifying work to recover existing receivables for the lease of land and treasury objects, as well as the involvement of federal property objects in the economic turnover.

Similar regional meetings on behalf of the head of the Federal Property Agency Vadim Yakovenko are held throughout the country. At field events, a detailed analysis of the results of the activities of the territorial agencies of the agency for ensuring revenues to the federal budget from the management of federal property is carried out.

The commissions are working on the eve of the meeting of the Board of the Federal Property Management Agency following the results of the first half of 2019, which will focus on the consideration of interim results achieved by territorial bodies.



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