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Federal Support For Organizations Of Handicrafts In 2016 Increased By One Third

 Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Gulnaz Kadyrov took part in the XXXII Conference of the Association "National art crafts of Russia."

The event was also attended by the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture , Sergei Rybakov , President of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce Sergey Katyrin , member of the Russian Academy of Arts Viktor Kalinin , representatives of more than 50 organizations of national art crafts, educational institutions, cultural centers and museums.

The Conference discussed the state and development of the Association's member companies, and summed up its work in 2016.

In his speech, Gulnaz Kadyrov said that last year the amount provided from the federal budget NHP organizations has been increased by one third compared with 2015. According to her, government support was provided to 284 institutions of national art crafts, and given the amount of shortfall in revenues from the provision of tax benefits, as well as the support of the Russian Federation, it accounted for more than 1.1 bln. Rubles. At the same time, the volume of products NHP in money terms reached 5.5 billion rubles: thus every fifth ruble in the industry - government support..

In addition, as the deputy minister noted the emphasis in the work of the Ministry in 2016 was placed on the interaction between the regions. Among the leaders in terms of support provided - St. Petersburg, the Kirov Region and the Republic of Dagestan.

We have passed the stage where the only preserved and revived. Now we have to go to the stage of development. The main thesis of 2017 in this -

Gulnaz Kadyrov stressed.

Also, the theme will be continued to protect producers against counterfeit products.

In March 2017 it decided to extend the mandate of the interdepartmental working group at the State Commission on counteraction to illegal circulation of products in the field of socially important goods in the illegal traffic of products of folk crafts -

said Deputy Minister.

In addition, the Conference had raised the issues of promoting folk arts and crafts, and participants of the event came to a conclusion about the relevance of the use of new tools. It was noted that the growing interest of domestic and inbound tourists to the unique production crafts causes the integration of fisheries in the sphere of tourism. For the industry is the ability to expand sales channels, including through the inclusion of places of existence of traditional crafts in the recommended hiking routes.

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