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The first 100 tons of charcoal produced in the “Far Eastern hectare”

Production of charcoal in the “Far Eastern hectare” opened in the Amur Region. Alexander Anisov and his family received land in the village of Tygda, Magdagachinsky District, where he set up a production site, installed and debugged specialized equipment. The first 100 tons of products have already been produced - currently Alexander is looking for investors for the development of production. 

 “I have been working in woodworking for a long time - I used to run such a business before, and now I use the accumulated knowledge in the“ Far Eastern hectare ”. At the moment, managed to establish on the site coal production. The first batch turned out to be of very high quality - this is noted by our customers. But we are very sensitive to price, because we have to compete! To do this, it is necessary to fully adjust the production of sawn timber, ”said Alexander Anisov, the recipient of the“ Far Eastern hectare ”. “Our task is to lay the processing of wood waste as the basis for coal production — to do this, we need to build a new workshop and purchase equipment. We are looking for investors. ”

According to Alexander Anisov, currently the products produced are sold on the local market, because until recently charcoal was not produced in the Amur Region at all - all were brought from the Khabarovsk Territory and Primorye. But plans to access to supply in Japan and China. The first meetings with future international clients have already taken place and the question is only in the completion of the construction of the production site. “It is important to note that we are ready for shipment of large lots - the fact is that our“ Far Eastern hectare ”is located in the immediate vicinity of the technological congress of the railway branch,” added Alexander.

 According to the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East, today in the Amur Region, 6.2 thousand contracts of free use of "Far Eastern hectares" have been concluded. For recipients of land plots in the region, 28 state support measures are available, which can be found on the website of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East. The amount of assistance provided to the participants of the state program "Far Eastern hectare" in the Amur Region amounted to 48 million rubles.

Recall that at present the Far Eastern Hectare program provides every citizen of Russia, as well as participants of the State program to assist voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad to the Russian Federation, the right to receive free of charge a land plot of up to one hectare in the territory of nine Far East . Registration of the "Far Eastern hectare" is carried out free of charge, via the Internet using the Federal Information System " Far East . RF ". During the first year, the applicant must decide on the type of use of the site, after three years - to declare the course of development. By the end of the five-year term of use, a citizen may receive land free of charge for ownership or a long-term lease.

Information provided by the press service of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East




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