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The First "Factory Of The Future" Are Formed In The Automotive Industry

 In St. Petersburg of Peter the Great Polytechnic University (SPbPU) held a workshop "Creating a" factories of the future "in the automotive industry", held under the chairmanship of Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Vasily Osmakova and Alexander Morozov.

The meeting was attended by heads SPbPU - Rector Andrei Rudskoy and Vice-Rector for future projects, co-director of the working group "Tehnet" National Technology Initiative (STI) Alexey Borovkov, CEO of SSC RF "us" Sergei Gysin, as well as representatives of Project Management Center in the industry, Russian companies - automakers, "computer engineering Center" SPbPU. 

Ministry of Industry and oversees a number of roadmaps, integrated into the STI, including "Tehnet" - the market of advanced manufacturing technologies. It is now we are working on the formation of a pool of pilot projects, which are implemented in the logic of the new technological order (or "Industry 4.0"), based on the principles of digital design and simulation with the use of new materials and technologies. All these areas need to be combined into a single complex - "the factory of the future" where complex industrial problems will be solved with the help of advanced manufacturing technologies.    

Co-Head of the working group "Tehnet" Basil Osmakov stressed during the meeting, a special role in this issue of the domestic automotive industry.

The car industry as the most dynamic and receptive to innovation industry has become one of the main generators of national pilot projects in the spirit of "Tehnet". The state's task - to help shape the projects, to support them and promote the development of industrial cooperation between the parties -

said Vasily Osmakov.

Alexey Borovkov told about the core competencies of the engineering center SPbPU, the results of its activities in the field of digital technologies and experience with the world's leading automakers. With reports on how "factories of the future" projects implemented in the Russian automotive companies, the representatives of the SSC RF "us" and automakers.

Our task today - to generate "smart" digital projects that will be based on a product created by the new principles. With this base, we can create for the Russian automotive industry new advantages in global competition -

Alexander Morozov said.  


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