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Flights for large families of the Far East have become cheaper

From January 1 of this year, families with many children can take advantage of discount tickets for the program of subsidized air travel on routes from the Far East and in the opposite direction. The Peshkov family from Transbaikalia managed to assess the new benefits.

The family of Alexei and Irina Peshkovyu five children: the eldest is 20 years old, the youngest is 2 months old. Parents admit that for such a large family to fly somewhere together is a problem. Previously, often had to fly separately. “When purchasing tickets, we learned that there is such a unique opportunity today for large families to purchase tickets with a subsidy. It is half cheaper. When my husband already bought tickets, we saw a significant difference in cost, not even half, but a little more. And so we fly with my husband, I'm not the only one with all these bags, ”says Irina Peshkova.

In order to take advantage of the subsidy, Transbaikal families need to get a certificate from the Ministry of Social Protection, which will indicate that the family is large. And then show it in the ticket office.

Recall that in 2018, at the initiative of the Ministry of the East, a number of measures were taken to support the availability of air transportation to the Far East to the central part of the country and in the opposite direction. So, in November last year, the right to discount tickets granted to large families. Now, over 150 thousand parents of the Far East will be able to take advantage of the new privilege. In addition, the program began to operate all year round, another 64 routes were included in it, that is, there were 134 of them altogether.



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