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"GENETICS", The Company Opened A Laboratory Of Noninvasive Prenatal Screening In The Framework Of The Project With EDF

 The company "genetics" has opened in Moscow, the first specialized laboratory for the complete cycle of non-invasive prenatal research "Prenetiks" on Roche's technology. This is one of the key stages of the project "Establishment of a DNA test for the production of medical diagnostics" , which was supported by the Industrial Development Fund. The total project cost is 600 million rubles, of which 300 million -.. Loan EDF.

"Prenetiks" - a study of fetal DNA on pregnant woman's blood to detect chromosomal abnormalities. Transfer of foreign world-class technologies in Russia was held in cooperation with Roshe Diagnostics with the support of the Industrial Development Fund.

The study "Prenetiks" is different from other similar research that has the highest reliability and the greatest evidence base. The accuracy of the technology is confirmed by the results of large controlled clinical studies conducted in more than 23 000 women. In particular, "Prenetiks" makes up 99.9%, with the 10 th week of pregnancy, to identify Down's syndrome, as well as the detection of chromosomal abnormalities such as Edwards syndrome, Patau's syndrome, Turner's syndrome, and others.

Previously, DNA samples for this study were sent to the United States. Now full "Prenetiks" cycle will be held in Moscow. The discovery of such a laboratory in Russia significantly reduces the time of the study and making it financially accessible to more women who are pregnant.

In the future, "genetics" in the framework of the project supported by EDF, will start to produce DNA tests of the next generation for prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal disorders, detection and prevention of hereditary cancer and other serious diseases.

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