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Ginseng cultivation technology is reviving in Primorye

Methods of growing ginseng revive in the Primorsky Territory. In Lazovsky district, Sergey Elizarov, together with his partner, leased several hectares of land, where they planted wild plant seeds. 

“Last fall alone, we planted more than 17 thousand seeds last fall; we were lucky that most of them rose. In nature, ginseng seeds sprout more than a year, but at home I accelerate this stratification process. Now we will plant the sprouts and we will nurse them further, ”said Sergey Elizarov.

To grow this useful plant in the family of Sergei began another grandfather. In his youth he was bitten by an encephalitic tick, which is why the man was paralyzed. Acupuncture and ginseng root helped restore the ability to move. Since then, the third generation has grown up in the family “root of life”.

“My grandfather studied a lot of literature on the cultivation of ginseng, studied the experience of the Chinese, because they had long since shaped the culture of its cultivation. After the grandfather, the seeds that his father grew in the rose garden were left at home. But we thought to revive large-scale production. In Soviet times, in our region, even the state farm was for the cultivation of ginseng, ”the ginseng breeder added.

State Farm "Ginseng" in Anuchinsky district of Primorye was founded in 1961. There the useful root was grown on 35 hectares. And the products were supplied to the pharmacological enterprises of the country and even exported. Medicines with ginseng were used to treat the military and even for the rehabilitation of astronauts.

The root grows about 7 years, besides, a rather capricious culture requires special conditions - soil moisture, compliance with the temperature regime. In the plans of partners, not only the cultivation and creation of medicinal tinctures. According to Alexey Florya, plantations can become a good tourist destination.

“We have a very good area - the sea, the taiga, in the summer tourists go to see the monuments of nature. Therefore, I want to use not only dietary supplements, but also to use the tourist destination, I think that it would be interesting for people to see the plantations themselves and try, ”he shared.

After the big harvest of ginseng is gathered, Sergey and Alexey plan to turn to FEFU scientists for advice on root processing. Recently, scientists of the Far Eastern Federal University have developed an optimal method for the extraction of ginseng using supercritical pressure. The new technology is highly efficient and allows to extract from the raw materials heat-sensitive nutrients - ginsenosides. The invention can be used in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. On the development of a patent issued.

According to the authors of the technology, the active components of ginseng, known as ginsenosides, have a diverse therapeutic effect: they have antitumor, immunomodulatory, regenerative, antidiabetic properties, and are effective in recovering from chemotherapy.  



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