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The Head Of Russian Industry And Trade Ministry Has Communicated To The Representatives Of The Indian And Russian Media During His Working Visit To The Republic Of India

 March 16, 2017 Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov and Minister of Trade and Industry of the Republic of India Nirmala Sitharaman participated in a joint press conference following the «InternationalEngineeringSourcingShow» opening ceremony of the Russian National Exposition International Exhibition of high-tech products (IESS-2017).

As a member of UES, Russia takes an active part in the preparation of the agreement, which will be spelled out conditions and opportunities for Indian industry cluster, industry in Russia and other countries of the Eurasian block. We will assist and facilitate the early signing of the agreement in order to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation -

He said during a news conference Denis Manturov.

He also stressed that the most important area of ​​cooperation between the two countries is the establishment of joint investment funds.

Now we are discussing the issues of establishing a fund with investments by $ 500 million from each side and the possibility of use of these funds for financing projects from different areas of economy, first and foremost, the Russian and Indian industry. , -

He shared his plans for the head of the Russian department.

Asked about the agreements signed Denis Manturov MS-21, said the prospects for cooperation between the two countries in the field of production of SSJ-100 aircraft and aircraft components for wide-body aircraft. He also talked about the launch of preparations for the production of screw regional aircraft IL-114 and the possibility of its further supply to the Indian market.

In turn, Nirmala Sitharaman confirmed the great potential for expanding trade relations between Russia and India.

At the moment, the trade turnover between our countries is more than 6 billion. Dollars. We were able to discuss the creation of an international transport corridor, which will reduce the time and cost of transportation of goods between the two countries -

said the head of the Indian authorities.

She also invited the Russian side to become a partner at the international jewelry exhibition to be held in July 2017, as well as take part in the exhibition of health care organizations, which will be held in the fall.

Of course, our company will take part in the jewelry exhibition. But, basically, we will prepare for Mumbai on health exhibition. We are invited to participate in the field of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, machinery. These are the areas where we are well advanced and have good results, and Indian partners are interested in our achievements, -

the head of the Industry and Trade Ministry of Russia.

In addition, after the press conference Denis Manturov responded to journalists' questions about the metallurgical projects in Russia and India. According to the Minister of Indian side expressed interest in establishing a working group, by analogy with the United Arab Emirates regarding the establishment of the aluminum industry association. At the same time, indicators of the overall amount of capacity for the production of primary aluminum roughly similar: India produces about 4 million tonnes of aluminum per year, in Russia - more than 3 million tons a year...

The establishment of such working groups with countries that produce primary aluminum, makes it possible to find a compromise in terms of standards, technologies and prevent overproduction -

He concluded the Minister.

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