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The House "Printed" On The 3d Printer Is Presented In Yaroslavl Region

 In the Yaroslavl region, a house "printed" on a 3D printer was presented. This is the first residential building in Europe, made using additive technology. Its area is almost 300 square meters. m.

The building fully complies with the rules and norms of individual housing construction (IZHS).

It should be emphasized that the presented house is not a presentation building, but a full-fledged residential building. It will be inhabited by an ordinary Yaroslavl family. In addition, the "printed" house in Yaroslavl is the largest building in Europe and the CIS, built using additive technology. Its total area is 298.5 sq.m.

Construction began in 2015. In the summer of 2017, the roof was completed and the bulk of the interior finishing work was carried out. During the construction, the equipment of Yaroslavl production was used. The company-manufacturer - AMT-Specavia is the first in Europe serial manufacturer of building 3D printers.

The building was printed in parts," said Alexander Maslov, CEO of the AMT-SPETSAVIA Group of Companies. " The walls of the house, the decorative elements, the tower, were brought to the construction site and collected as a designer."  

For reference

For printing was used construction printer S-6044, serially produced by AMT-SPETSAVIA. This model is a portal type with a working field of 3.5 x 3.6 x 1 m. The printer prints standard M-300 sand concrete, i.e. that can be purchased in almost any store building materials. Printing is done with layers 10 mm high and 30 to 50 mm wide. The speed of printing walls is up to 10 sq.m / h.

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