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International Exhibition Of Commercial Vehicles COMTRANS-2017 Was Opened In Moscow

 The exhibition is included in the official calendar of the International Organization of Automobile Manufacturers (OICA), is held once every two years and is the leading international exhibition of commercial vehicles in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe.

Among the exhibitors, the leading companies of the industry represent KAMAZ, GAZ Group, AVTOVAZ, MAZ, UAZ, VOLGABAS, Scania RUS, MAIN Truck & Bus RUS, Volvo Trucks, VOLKSWAGEN Group RUS, Renault Trucks, Mercedes-Benz RUS, Daimler Kamaz RUS, FUSO, Ford Sollers and others. The opening ceremony was attended by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov , Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Alexander Morozov, Chairman of the Council of NP "UAR", General Director of PJSC "KAMAZ" Sergey Kogogin , Director General of the Association of European Businesses in Russia Dr. Frank Schauff , Vice President of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH and brand manager Automechanika Michael Johannes .

During the tour, the high guests visited the stands of the largest automakers, including KAMAZ, GAZ, UAZ, AVTOVAZ.

KAMAZ presented a car with a cabin K5 - this is a completely new concept of the cabin at a level exceeding the world analogues. The cabin is created on the basis of a qualitatively new architecture that allows using the widest range of connectivity services as well as autonomous (unmanned) driving systems up to level 3 (autonomy) with elements of the 4th. Exterior and interior of the cabin are completely made in Russia, at domestic enterprises.

Also presented at the booth of trucks KAMAZ new lineup, electric buses, including jointly developed with US unmanned electric bus "Shuttle", gas bottle equipment, trucks, buses, special machinery.

GAZ Group presented 24 models of automotive equipment, including 10 prime ministers. The company first showed "heavy" versions of cars "GAZelle NEXT 4,6" and "GAZON NEXT 10" with increased load capacity. The deputy ministers of the Ministry of Industry and Trade demonstrated the Ural NEXT road car with a 6x4 wheel formula, the right-hand Ural NEXT for export markets, the Sobol off-road vehicle, the main novelties of the bus line: the tourist bus CRUISE, developed for the World Cup, Vector NEXT in the modification "Available environment", the city bus "KURSOR" with a low entrance.

The new development is a powerful diesel engine YaMZ-770. YAMZ-770 is a prototype of a 6-cylinder heavy-duty diesel engine of dimension 130х156 mm, a working volume of 12.43 liters with a power range of 360-550 hp. The engines are intended for use in heavy transport, construction, quarry equipment, as well as tractors, combine harvesters, railway machinery, ships and diesel-generator sets.

AVTOVAZ presented, among others, the LADA Largus and LADA Vesta CNG wagon - a modification that allows using two types of fuel: compressed natural gas (methane) and gasoline. Also at the stand you can see the manufactured van LADA Granta, the isothermal van LADA 4x4 and other exhibits of the domestic manufacturer.

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant showed a new commercial vehicle UAZ PROFI and promising models of the new line. UAZ PROFI is a new product in the segment of light commercial vehicles with a carrying capacity of 1.5 tons. All cars are equipped with a new generation of reliable petrol engine of the Zavolzhsky motor plant. According to the company's representatives, the new engine ZMZ-PRO, which develops power up to 160 hp, combined with the Korean-made PPC adapted for commercial vehicles, provides additional fuel efficiency.


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