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Japanese businessmen are ready to develop cooperation in the Far East

The implementation of projects in the transport and logistics sector and the hotel business was the subject of discussion by representatives of the Agency for the Far East to attract investment and export support (ANO API) with the leadership of the Japanese companies Daisei Group, the Keihan Group, Tribe holdings.

According to Vasily Grudev, Investment Director of ANO API, more and more Japanese entrepreneurs are starting to conduct business and set up enterprises in the Russian Far East. He noted the Agency’s readiness to support investors in launching their new projects and developing production. According to Acting Deputy General Director of ANO IPA Daniil Polovinki, the TOP and Freeport Vladivostok regimes help implement new projects in the FEFD. “We are ready to support investors, provide them with organizational and methodological assistance, provide information about industries and support measures that business in the Far East can take advantage of,” he explained.

Tribib Holdings Director Yuichiro Yamamoto told that he regularly visits Vladivostok and sees how the city is changing. “My current trip is related to the hotel business. I would like to strengthen my ties in the field of tourism development so that Vladivostok becomes more comfortable and attractive for tourists. We not only intend to work in the Far East ourselves, but we are trying to talk about the possibilities of doing business here to other Japanese companies in order to act together. The Far East is a promising region. Next to Russia there are several billion people from other countries. We are a Japanese company, but we are interested in projects that are being implemented in Vladivostok, would be focused on China and other Asian countries. It seems to me that it will also contribute to the development of the Russian Far East, ”he noted. According to him, the Tribe Holdings Company participates in the construction project in Vladivostok of a hotel with a Japanese bath - onsen. A new hotel may appear in the seaside capital at the end of 2020.

The management of Dasey Group told about projects for the construction of storage facilities implemented in Japan, and expressed readiness to discuss the launch of such projects in the Far East. “Twenty-five years ago I visited Vladivostok. There I taught karate people. I was surprised that Europe is only a thousand kilometers from Japan. After all, Vladivostok is a European city. I will like the city. Since then I have had the idea of ​​visiting Vladivostok once again. I thought I should do business with your country. My work is related to logistics projects and the construction of warehouses for the preservation of products. Since Vladivostok is a major transport and goods and transshipment center, the idea of ​​cooperation in the construction of warehouses for goods and warehouses arose, ”said Koichi Tanaka, director of the Daysei Group group.

As the President of the Daysei Group, Enzo Yosiva, noted, the eight-point economic cooperation plan between Russia and Japan, proposed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in May 2016, was aimed at intensifying cooperation. “We are not the largest enterprise in Japan, but we would like to contribute to the implementation of the economic cooperation plan. In the late nineties, I visited Moscow and St. Petersburg. At that time, I was impressed by the Metropol hotel near the Bolshoi Theater. At this meeting I saw how everything changed around him, how everything developed. I thought that our countries could cooperate more intensively, ”he stressed.

According to the executive director of the Daysey Group, Katsushi Nagat, the company has experience in implementing projects in Asia and Russia, and now the company is considering the possibility of working in the Russian Far East. “Russia seems to be close, but at the same time far away. We thought that we should try to find points of contact. This visit convinced us that this has its own meaning and value. We understood that the Japanese need to study Russia more, ”he believes.

Kaihan Group General Manager (Keihan Group) Hideo Hayashi presented railway infrastructure development projects, including the creation of shopping centers at railway stations. “Over the past few years, Russia has shown great growth in the economy. This trip was caused by the desire of our company to find points for the application of its forces in the field of infrastructure development around the railways and the creation of recreational facilities. Following the trip, we will think about where we can apply our consulting services in Russia. We are ready to consider proposals for cooperation, ”he noted.

Information provided by the press service of the Agency for the Far East to attract investment and export support




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