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Japanese Specialists Continue To Diagnose The Productivity Of Russian Enterprises

 Japanese specialists will conduct the audit of 12 Russian enterprises by the end of 2018. Practical implementation of two joint initiatives - the diagnosis of the productivity of Russian enterprises by Japanese specialists and the training of personnel in related industries, began in January 2017. "Pilot" implementation of joint projects was recognized effective, and in this connection, an agreement was reached on their extension for 2018.

As part of the first initiative, Japanese specialists visit Russian enterprises and, together with their leaders, discuss the issues of building an effective production and marketing policy to increase production and sales of products. In the second - about two hundred Russian managers will be trained in Japan.

The experience gained in the course of joint work is already being applied at Russian enterprises in the spheres of metalworking, agricultural machinery, the production of auto components and many others. Moreover, as a result of the synergy of Japanese and Russian initiatives, there are agreements on the launch of new joint projects. For example, following the visit of Japanese specialists to the company of the company "Istok-Audio" in the Moscow region of Fryazino, it was decided to start joint development of a unique device - "Smart Home", designed for elderly people with hearing impairments.

Japanese specialists come to our enterprise for the 6th time already. Thanks to the work done to optimize production using the experience of managers of Toyota and the methods of the Japanese system of principles of continuous improvement of production processes ("kaizen"), we launched a new site for assembling radio electronic units and modules , "said Ivan, General Director of Istok-Audio Group Klimachev. -His discovery significantly increased the effectiveness of the entire cycle of production of hearing aids and rehabilitation equipment by hearing and sight. The cooperation of our enterprise with the Japan Association for Trade with Russia and the New Independent States (ROTOBO) is effective and fruitful. In 2018, it is planned to continue work on the development of joint products in the field of an accessible environment for people with hearing impairment, as well as the withdrawal of products of the GC Istok-Audio to the Japanese market (induction dashboards with built-in FM-system ).

Japan is a country of long-livers, and we are forced to find solutions to the age problems of older people. Based on what has already been created in Japan, we can successfully develop the market of this spectrum together with the company "Istok-Audio". In particular, we are very interested in the induction system, which is qualitative and inexpensive, which allows us to transmit information directly to hearing aids , "said Kunio Okada, Director General of the Research Institute of Russia and the NIS at the Japan Association for Trade with Russia and New Independent States (ROTOBO) .


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