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At The Joint Meeting Of Public Council At The Ministry Of Industry And Russia Rostekhnadzor Will Discuss The Modernization Of The Technical State Of The Coal Industry

 July 5, 2017 held a joint meeting of public council at the Ministry of Industry of Russia and Rostechnadzor on "The influence of the state of mining equipment to ensure industrial safety of mining operations at coal mines. he tasks of modernization and improvement in the conditions of the import substitution program. "

The program of the meeting will be devoted to assessing the technical condition of the coal industry of the Russian Federation, the modern technologies of coal mining and of mining, taking into account the modernization of the equipment used in order to ensure industrial safety, as well as diversification of defense enterprises in the interests of fuel and energy complex.

The meeting will be attended by representatives of the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry, RTN, members of public councils under the Ministry of Industry of Russia and Rostekhnadzor, representatives of industry associations, enterprises and organizations of the mining complex.


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