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In the Kuban to build biofuel plant


The design capacity of the new enterprise in the village Staroderevyankovskoy designed for the production of 332 million cubic meters of biogas per year. According to the information portal of the regional administration, the cost of the project amounts to more than 2 billion rubles. Prospective investors will also be presented a project for the modernization of existing enterprises in the Kanev region for the production of drinking water. Plant commissioning is also provided for the production of kvass drinks with capacity up to 20 thousand. liters of kvass in the day.

Another kanevchan project - construction of a concrete plant. The project cost is 52 million rubles. Planned construction of a cargo terminal in the village Novominskaya. Its capacity will be 72 thousand tons per year.

It will be presented at the forum this year, a major agricultural project to build a greenhouse complex for growing vegetables. Its cost is 874 million rubles. Project greenhouses capacity - 7.5 million tons of vegetables per year, of which 2.9 million tons of tomatoes and 4.4 million tons of cucumbers.

Appears in Kanev district and frozen vegetables plant fruits and drying of agricultural products, its cost - 481 900 000 rubles.

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