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Large diamond mined at Verkhne-Munskoe deposit in Yakutia

Another large diamond of gem quality, weighing 63.15 carats, was mined on the Zapolyarnaya pipe of the Verkhne-Munsky ALROSA field. The first large precious crystal weighing 51.49 carats was extracted from the field immediately after its launch in October last year.

In March of this year, the company conducted an experiment to clarify the diamond-bearing capacity of the north-western part of the ore body of the Zapolyarnaya pipe of the Verkhne-Munsky deposit. For 5 days of the experiment, 239 diamonds from 8 carats and above were extracted, which accounted for more than 3.5% of the total number of diamonds extracted during the experiment. This is the best indicator among all the company's handsets.

Recall that the start of industrial diamond mining at the Verkhne-Munsky deposit was given on October 31 last year in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Today, the development of the field is the largest investment project of ALROSA. The peculiarity of the project is that the Verkhne-Munskoe deposit is located at a distance of about 170 kilometers from the processing plant, the Udachninsky GOK. At the same time, the construction of a new processing plant on site would make the project unprofitable. The implementation of the project was made possible by the construction of a technological passage connecting the Verkhne-Munskoye field with the capacities of the Udchninsky GOK. The creation of the infrastructure object was compensated by the subsidy from the federal budget, which was approved by the company in 2016. Funding was allocated from the funds of the state program “Social and Economic Development of the Far East and the Baikal Region”, the Ministry of Eastern Development of Russia is responsible for implementing it. Today the road is ready, its operation is carried out by the Udachninsky GOK.

The project involves the creation of 800 new jobs, of which 400 are highly productive. The reserves of the deposit are more than 44 million carats, the period of development is more than 20 years. Investment in the project will be about 60 billion rubles.



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