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Launched The Development Of Copper Deposits Tomino

 A solemn ceremony dedicated to the beginning of the development of Tomino copper-porphyry ores, held on July 11 in the framework of the International Industrial Exhibition "INNOPROM-2017" in Yekaterinburg. 

Start developing Tomino copper deposit was given by Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Manturov and chairman of the Russian Copper Company's Board of Directors Igor Altushkin . The ceremony took place at the stand of "The Bronze House RCC" in the framework of the International Industrial Exhibition "INNOPROM-2017." The event was also attended by Acting Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev and member of the Board of Directors of RMK Timerbulat Karimov .

Tomino deposit porphyry copper is in Sosnovsky district of Chelyabinsk region. It opened in 1957. It is part of the 50 largest deposits in the world, reserves are estimated at 660 million tons of ore.

Russian Copper Company plans to build on the field Tomino ore mining and processing enterprise, which promises to be one the biggest, modern and high-tech projects in the non-ferrous metallurgy of Russia in recent years. Investment in the project will exceed 65 billion. Rubles.

The combine will Tomino Kalinowski and career, as well as the processing factory. It is assumed that Tomino mine will process 28 million. Tons of copper-porphyry ore per year and produce up to 500 thousand. Tons of copper concentrate.

On the future of the plant RMK plans to introduce a standard of "smart copper," which involves the most efficient, high-tech and safe production.

Innovative technologies that will be involved in GOKe Tomino, will enrich porphyry copper ore with a copper content of 0.4%.

Furthermore, adherence to the standard assumes the maximum respect for the environment. In particular, the suction equipment will be installed to reduce the formation of dust and return it to the production turnover in all major areas of the factory. A closed production system will allow water re-use the process water after the cleaning cycle. Thus, excluded from entering industrial effluents into natural waterways.

"Tomino ore mining and processing plant will be built with the most modern technology. Environmental project parameters considerably exceed the demands that are now compulsorily imposed by the state. Work Tomino GOK will contribute to the strategic objectives for the development of mineral resource base of the Russian industry. At the same time will be implemented a unique environmental project Korkino coal mine reclamation using packing material, produced at the plant of Tomino ore tailings, " - said Denis Manturov .

"Today is the start of the development of Tomino copper deposit was given, and in the near future, we plan to begin construction of Tomino ore-dressing plant. This ambitious project is important not only for us, but also has a strategic importance for the development of the country's non-ferrous metallurgy. The start of production will contribute to the development of domestic mineral resources base and will allow Russia to strengthen its position in the international market. In developing the project, we have studied the world's best manufacturing practices and are confident that Tomino GOK will be the most "intelligent" enterprise sector. And it means - the most secure, high-tech and responsible ", - said chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russian Copper Company Igor Altushkin.


Tomino GOK included in the "Strategy of development of ferrous metallurgy of Russia for 2014-2020 and until 2030", approved by Order of the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade of 05.05.2014, the number 839.

The project will give impetus to the development of the industrial potential of the Chelyabinsk region, will create new jobs and increase the quality of life in the region thanks to tax deductions to the budget.

The total amount of tax deductions while working Tomino Mining will be about 120 billion rubles.

On Tomino GOK will create 1200 jobs. Priority in employment will be given to residents and Sosnowski Korkinsky District, as well as residents of Chelyabinsk. In addition, up to 3000 jobs could be created in the future counterparty organizations combine.

At 14 kilometers from the future plant is Korkinsky coal mine - the largest in Europe, excavation depth of 500 m and 3 km in diameter. Endogenous fires and landslides cut Korkino are a serious environmental problem.

By draft RMK backfill material produced from the mill tailings, is transported by pipeline to Korkinsky section to fill the space development and thus eliminate the dangerous object. As a result, it is able to extinguish fires endogenous and sustain cut boards.

Russian Copper Company - a vertically integrated holding, which unites 13 major enterprises engaged from mining ore through to the production and sales of copper products, and precious metals.

RCC was founded in 2004. Currently it manages the copper mining and metallurgical enterprises in the Urals, in the North-West region of Russia and Kazakhstan.

Production capacity: up to 200 thousand tons of copper cathodes per year, to 190 thousand tons of copper rod a year...


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