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The law on the expansion of the use of the electronic visa mechanism is being submitted to the State Duma

The draft law on the distribution of a simplified procedure for the entry of foreign citizens on electronic visas on the territory of automobile, river and mixed checkpoints across the state border of the Russian Federation in the Far East was considered at the next meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation.

This is a draft federal law “On Amendments to Articles 25 and 25.17 of the Federal Law“ On the Procedure for Exiting the Russian Federation and Entering the Russian Federation ”and Article 11 of the Federal Law“ On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation ”. The document was submitted for discussion by the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic.

Now electronic visas in the Far East are issued to foreign citizens who arrive through checkpoints across the state border, located on the territory of the free port, as well as through air checkpoints determined by the Russian Government. It is proposed to extend the possibility of arrival by e-visas to automobile, river and mixed checkpoints. Their list will be determined by the Government of the Russian Federation.

According to the State Secretary - Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic Pavel Volkov, the adoption of the new law is relevant for six of the eleven Far Eastern regions. “Six regions are cross-border. These are Primorye, the Khabarovsk Territory, the Jewish Autonomous Region, the Amur Region, the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Republic of Buryatia. Simplification of the possibility of arrival will certainly have a positive impact on the influx of foreign tourists, will contribute to the development of the regional economy, ”he explained.

Note that earlier, on July 22, the law was reviewed and approved at a meeting of the Government Commission of the Russian Federation on legislative activities.



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