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Marinette Should Become A Platform For The Development Of Innovative Technologies That Will Form The Basis Of The State Of Technology Policy

 Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Oleg Ryazantsev took part in an expanded meeting of the working group on the implementation of the "road map" "Marinette". Members of the working group have summed up their activities and discussed plans for the near future.

"Today, Marinette - a platform for lively dialogue and develop joint solutions for the identification of innovative directions of development of the civil segment of the market", - noted in his speech Oleg Ryazantsev. He also pointed out that in updating the "road map" to 2030 is necessary to focus on the comprehensive development of each destination: e-navigation, development of ocean resources, technology and innovative shipbuilding.

Working Group members are summed up in the intervening period, and discussed plans for the near future. The work on the creation of an industry center, which will directly promote the international market Marinette projects and encourage their implementation ( «earlyimplementation») in the production cycle. In order to improve the regulatory framework set up a subgroup to improve the legislation.

When considering new projects, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the ON Ryazantsev said:

"We need to organize the work in each area of ​​the development of the" road map "by identifying technological priorities and the planning horizon until 2030. If successful, the technology developed will form the basis of the state of technology policy. "

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