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Matvienko: The Far East should become a breakthrough territory

The Far East and the Arctic remain a priority of state policy. Realizing the potential of these territories is a common task. This was stated by Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko during a meeting of senators with the Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic Alexander Kozlov.

As Valentina Matvienko noted, the realization of a colossal potential concentrated in the Far East and in the Arctic will make a qualitative breakthrough in the country's socio-economic development.

“At all times, the creation of new conditions for the growth of the local economy, for a comfortable life of citizens demanded a special approach and attitude. Today, this is a nationwide task, as Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stressed. Together, we must turn the Arctic and the Far East into a real breakthrough area, ”said the Chairman of the Federation Council, adding that there is already experience in implementing major innovation projects in the Arctic and the Far East. Thus, in the spring of this year, a retreat of the Council of the Federation was held in the village of Sabetta on Yamal. “We saw the results of this large-scale project,” said Valentina Matvienko.

According to her, the state will continue to support such projects. “When forming the federal budget, we will pay special attention to this issue,” the chairperson of the upper house of parliament emphasized.

Valentina Matvienko recalled that today a number of strategic documents are being developed aimed at the development of the Far East and the Arctic territories of Russia, including the National Program for the Development of the Far East until 2025, a bill establishing special measures of state support for investors implementing projects in the Arctic zone, as well as Development strategy of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. She particularly noted that the development tasks of the Far East and the Arctic should be synchronized with each other in all documents.

As Alexander Kozlov recalled, the Ministry of Eastern Development has developed the National Program for the Development of the Far East until 2025 and for the future until 2035. Today programs are in government pending. According to the Minister, the draft program was approved by 22 specialized ministries and departments.

“The document, which should determine the future development of the Far East, could not be prepared behind the scenes. We asked the residents of the Far East how they want to see their region, city, village, what they lack. A site was opened on which citizens left their offers. The site received 16,524 offers. We gave citizens the opportunity to register on the site and vote for these proposals, and as a result, 455,877 votes were given in total, ”said the head of the Ministry of Eastern and Eastern Development. According to the Minister, registration provides an opportunity to contact each of the citizens and inform them about how these proposals are worked out.

As Alexander Kozlov emphasized, the National Program for the Development of the Far East should become a mechanism that will ensure the achievement of the goals set by Decree 204 in the Far East regions, taking into account the specifics of the Far Eastern regions.

Following the meeting, which was held in the format of an “open dialogue,” the senators and the leadership of the Ministry for the Development of Russia agreed to work together in implementing key decisions for the development of the Far Eastern regions and Arctic territories. In particular, a meeting may be held with the leadership of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Federation on the development of the Arctic zone.  



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