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A Meeting Of The Council Of The RF Government Prize In The Field Of Quality

 The Council for the Award of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of quality, headed by the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Manturov , summed up the work in 2017 and presented the Government of applicants for the highest quality award.

The work of the Russian Government's Quality Prize is built on the basis of such world-famous quality awards as the Deming Prize in Japan, the National Baldrige Award in the United States and the European Quality Award (EFQM). Participation in the Prize, namely the passage of self-assessment and external evaluation, allows companies to identify not only their strengths, but also areas for further improvement.

Out of 33 enterprises that successfully passed the final stage of evaluating the effectiveness of business processes, the Council formed a list of 12 awarding organizations, which was sent to the Government of the Russian Federation to prepare a corresponding order. Prizes to laureates will traditionally be awarded at the end of the year by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev .

In total, business process surveys were conducted in relation to 280 Russian organizations from 61 subjects of the federation. In 2017, compared to last year, six times as many applications from enterprises applying for the Prize were received. The largest number of applications came from Moscow (24), Moscow region (18), St. Petersburg (12), the Republic of Tatarstan (9), Sverdlovsk (9), Tyumen (9), Rostov (8) and Chelyabinsk regions (8) and the Republic of Mordovia (6).

The competition involved organizations of various fields of activity and industries, including educational institutions, health care institutions, culture, energy enterprises, oil refining complex and other market segments.

The leaders in the number of applications filed for the first time were the food industry and agricultural production (92). A significant number of applicants were also represented by mechanical engineering (including motor industry) (40), chemical industry (20) and light industry (18).

The high level of Russian enterprises that implemented quality management systems was told by Maxim Protasov, the Head of Rosca . In his opinion, effective work of experts and the business community to improve management systems allows to improve the quality of business processes at enterprises participating in the Prize every year by an average of 10%.

At the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, a lean model will be integrated into the Government's Quality Prize in 2018. In addition, during the meeting it was decided to change the rules for submitting applications for participation in the competition and automating procedures. Since 2018, participants will be able to submit applications year-round, regardless of the timing of the competition.

For reference:

The Government Quality Award is the highest state award in the field of quality, since 1996 the Chairman of the Russian Government has been awarded to enterprises and organizations that have implemented best practices in the field of quality management. Conducting surveys of organizations and subsequent recommendations of specialists are an effective tool for encouraging enterprises to improve the organization of management and production, improve competitiveness, introduce new technologies and innovations.

Over 20 years of work of the Prize have attracted more than 1000 experts from all subjects of the Russian Federation. They assessed the leading role of the management of the regional enterprise, the company's policy and strategy in the field of quality, partnership and company resources, the satisfaction of the employed personnel and the number of jobs created, the satisfaction of consumers with the quality of products and services. In addition, the influence of the organization on society in general and the life of the region in particular was taken into account. 

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