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At The Meeting Of The Council Under The President Of Strategic Development And Discussed The Program Of Priority Projects 'Digital Economy'

 July 5, 2017, a meeting of the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and priority projects. His main theme was the digital economy. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that its formation - a matter of national security and independence of Russia, the competitiveness of domestic companies, the country's position on the world stage for the long term. During the meeting with the report "On the technological upgrading mechanical engineering" made by the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

Russian President outlined the main directions of development of the digital economy in Russia: "This is the elimination of legal barriers that prevent the introduction of advanced technologies; creating support infrastructure: lines, storage centers and data processing; serious improvement of the whole education system, including the provision of a universal digital literacy, as well as the launch of tools to support domestic companies, which are centers of competence in the field of digital and other cross-cutting technologies. "

Vladimir Putin proposed to identify those responsible for each of these areas, as well as to identify specific targets and timetables for meeting these challenges. To this end, in his opinion, it is necessary to build an effective management system to combine the efforts of the government levels, business, academic and research organizations.

In his report to the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov told about the technological updating of machine-building complex through the introduction of innovative programs, the development of enterprises and the use of digital technologies.

With Your system transition to a digital model of development is able to provide by 2024 labor productivity growth in manufacturing by more than 30 percent and an increase in the contribution to GDP of sectors based on advanced production technology, up to 15%, -

the head of the Industry and Trade Ministry of Russia.

Digitalization principles are already being applied in our country in the implementation of high-tech projects. For example, this plane "MC-21" PD-14 engine, the head icebreaker "Arctic". "To scale such projects on a wide range of industries, formed its own reserve in three main directions in Russian. First and most important - is the development of advanced equipment and raw materials, -stressed the Minister. - Our companies are already producing complex machining centers with the CNC Russia, as well as for additive process equipment and raw materials. "

To ensure the digitization is crucial the development of opto-electronic industry. To combine the potentials of Russian enterprises, formed in this sector specialized clusters and engineering centers for photonics. In addition, Russia has a strong starting position for digitization in the development of complex software and intelligent control systems.

In this part of the key competitive advantage is the expertise in the field of cybersecurity. Company "Kaspersky Lab" and "Infovotch" already implementing information protection projects in transport and energy infrastructure and facilities can quickly adapt these solutions to the tasks of digitization of industry -

said Denis Manturov.

According to him, the Ministry intends to extend the existing support measures. In particular, the software list, acquisition costs are subsidized by the Ministry of Industry today, include the software necessary for the implementation of the industrial technologies of the Internet.

In addition, we are working on regulatory framework and standards for the emerging markets. This will speed up the creation of a network in the country "factories of the future". The first to be launched later this year. Total in 2035 in Russia should be created about 40 factories of the future, 25 test sites and 15 experimental digital certificate authorities.


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