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Ministry Of Industry And Trade Forms A Portfolio Of Departmental Projects For The Transition Of Industry To Bat

 Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Vasily Osmakov spoke at the Environmental Forum in the framework of the traditional Russian Business Week, held by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).

A special representative of the President of the Russian Federation on environmental protection, ecology and transport issues Sergey Ivanov , President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin , representatives of the State Duma, federal executive bodies and business took part in the plenary session of the forum . The main theme of the event was the summing up of the Year of the Environment and further improvement of state regulation in the field of environmental protection.

One of the important points of the plan of events for the year of ecology was the creation of directories on the best available technologies (BAT). Vasily Osmakov recalled that over the past three years, a full list of them was developed - 51 BAT reference books, including 28 reference books in 2017.

On their basis, a list of basic technological equipment for BAT is being developed. The first such list for directories approved in 2015 was adopted last year. On the second stage of the directories, the corresponding draft government order is at the final stage of approval. In the current year, we plan to fully complete all work related to the preparation of relevant regulatory and legal acts ,

said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia.

He noted that the necessary infrastructure was created to solve these problems. Thus, with the aim of developing BAT reference books and promoting industry in the transition to the best available technologies, the Center for Environmental Industrial Policy was established, which functions as the Bureau of BAT. The role of this center will increase with the further expansion of tasks related to the environmental agenda.  

Vasily Osmakov also spoke about the formation of a departmental portfolio of projects in the priority area "Ecology in Industry". One of the first projects approved by the coordination body of the project activities of the Ministry was "The transition of industrial enterprises to the principles of BAT." In addition, a project passport has been formed to develop the production of the relevant industrial equipment.

We previously estimate the need for investment in the development of this equipment at about 45 billion rubles for already approved lists of products. The implementation of the departmental project will help create a domestic base of domestic suppliers of products for the transition to the principles of BAT and will significantly reduce import dependence in the heavy and power engineering industries. The first projects in this direction have already been supported by the programs of the Fund for the Development of Industry, subsidizing R & D and producing pilot lots of industrial products ,

stressed Vasily Osmakov.


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