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The Ministry Of Industry And Trade Held One Of The Final Discussions Of The Forestry Development Strategy Until 2030

 On July 26, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation hosted one of the final discussions of the Forestry Development Strategy until 2030. The meeting summed up the work on the document, which in September 2017 will be submitted to the Government of Russia.

When developing the draft Forestry Development Strategy until 2030, we proceeded not from the availability of a large number of forest resources in the Russian Federation and the need to procure and process them all, but from the capacity of the domestic and foreign markets to consume the goods produced. And this is the main difference between the draft of the Strategy that we present today and what is being implemented at present,

Explained Victor Yevtukhov, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

The new Strategy will outline priority areas for the development of the industry. First of all, this is the creation of new pulp and paper facilities. In addition to the traditional types of pulp, three new types will appear: production will be created for soluble, viscose and role pulp. A relatively new direction for Russia will be the development of wooden housing construction, according to which active work is already under way: the regulatory and technical base will be updated and quotas for timber construction in the social sphere will be fixed. A powerful driver of growth is planned to make the sector of sanitary-hygienic products, whose annual increase in consumption by 2030 is projected to increase by 2.5 times. The most important direction of the development of the industry is also the processing of wood waste into biofuel,

As part of the development of the document, five expert working groups were formed, which included representatives of the scientific and business community. Information blocks on the state of forestry were prepared by the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Federal Forestry Agency.

The key message of the new Strategy determines which products we need to produce tomorrow, in order to be competitive and cost-effective. And, actually, that's why we worked out this draft of the Strategy together with timber industry companies and associations, -

Stressed Victor Yevtukhov.

In the work on the Strategy, such forestry companies and associations as Ilim, Segezha, Mondi, Russian Forest Group, Sveza, Russia forest products Group, Association of Wooden House Building, Association of Furniture and Plate Industry, as well as leading consulting companies (BCG, Strategy Partners Group , McKinsey, Ernst and Young).

Direct developers of the Strategy presented present their vision of the situation and told about the progress of work on the text of the Strategy. In particular, the document will include a financial model for the development of the timber industry complex, which will allow us to calculate the development of the industry taking into account changes in various factors.

The new Strategy will take into account the interests of all industry participants and will become a navigator, primarily for business, indicating where to move in the conditions of fierce competition with foreign producers in both the domestic and foreign markets.


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