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The Ministry Of Industry And Trade Updates The Requirements For Industrial Products Produced In The Russian Federation

 The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation approved a schedule for the preparation of proposals to amend the annex to Government Decree No. 719 "On the criteria for classifying industrial products as industrial products that have no analogues produced in the Russian Federation."

Requirements for Russian products, established by the 719th resolution, are aimed at encouraging foreign and domestic companies to localize their production in Russia and build up technological operations with the use of domestic components.  

At the present time, the requirements to pharmaceutical products, medical products, machine tools, shipbuilding, automotive, light industry, special machinery, photonics and lighting, compressor and refrigerating equipment, power engineering, electrical and cable industries, heavy engineering are defined in the appendix to the resolution.

Appropriate criteria for inclusion in Russian products are also established for chemicals used in the extraction and processing of minerals, as well as certain types of technological equipment for the preparation, storage and processing of hydrocarbons.

Until the end of 2017 the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia will update and update this list. The timetable for making changes to the current application is in the public domain and covers a wide range of industrial products. Including different types of machine tools; Metalworking, refrigeration and handling equipment; Machines for casting, food and processing industries, forestry complex; Textile fabrics, computer and cash machines, rolling mills, fans, etc.

This work is carried out jointly with the business community and industry associations of producers, based on the results of monitoring the development of industries and proposals coming from the market participants to the Ministry. This is primarily about the various branches of machine building, machine-tool construction, radioelectronic and light industry. The approximate period for the development of the draft resolution and its submission to the Government - the fourth quarter of 2017, -

Commented Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Vasily Osmakov.        




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