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Ministry Of Industry And Trade Is Working Out Measures For Import Substitution Of Dredging Equipment In Russia

 The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation is working on measures to localize and import substitution of production of dredging equipment and vessels in Russia, as well as to stimulate this segment of industry.

The activities of the department in this area to the participants of the Congress "Hydraulic Structures and Dredging," held February 7-8 in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Moscow, said Deputy Director of the Department of Shipbuilding Industry and Marine Equipment of the Ministry of Nikolai Shablikov.

Currently, there are several programs that stimulate domestic shipbuilding. Among them is subsidizing interest rates on loans and leasing payments, ship recycling grant, special interest contracts, etc. In close cooperation with the business community, relevant ministries and departments, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia is preparing proposals for the application of these measures in the dredging equipment and vessels sector, as well as on the formation of a state program for the construction of a corresponding fleet in Russia.

Dredging fleet is necessary to maintain the port infrastructure and its development, ensure foreign trade security of the country, and also within the framework of an extensive program to modernize domestic shipyards.

According to experts, the total need for the construction of new dredges in Russia exceeds 70 units. During the Congress, the need for the construction of cranes and shales used in dredging projects was also noted.

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