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More Than 100 Entrepreneurs Took Part In The Meeting Of The Russian-American Business Dialogue

 Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Vasily Osmakov took part in the meeting of the Russian-American business dialogue, during which issues of business cooperation between the two countries were discussed

More than 100 businessmen from Russia and the United States interested in developing business ties and trade and economic relations, despite a difficult period in relations between the countries, attended the meeting. Representatives of the business community discussed a wide range of issues of concern, including interaction with the state when implementing investment projects on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In his speech, Vasily Osmakov stressed that over the past three years the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has launched a number of important mechanisms aimed at creating the most transparent and understandable rules of the game for business. Among them are the requirements for the level of localization for the definition of Russian products, the work on "deconstruction" of which is conducted jointly with the business. In addition, there was such an instrument of long-term trust in the investment and technological sphere, as a special contract. The deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade noted that the SPIC is for today the only legal structure allowing to fix the interests of the federal, regional authorities and the investor in the long term.      

The tools of communication with foreign business are sharpened not under the country-origin of a certain company, but under the creation of the added value that it leaves in Russia. Today, our industrial policy is focused primarily on exports, which is an absolutely logical continuation of the policy of import substitution. In order to support the export component, we are looking at the level of localization of production and the number of technological operations in the country. The nationality of the investor in this regard does not matter , -

Said Vasily Osmakov.  

As an example, he cited the road that the automotive industry had undergone in Russia. Five years ago, the domestic market, in fact, was divided into three different sectors - imports, Russian production and industrial assembly. Since then, the last two sectors have actually become a single element.

This is a story about how step by step the requirements for localization were fulfilled, and the Russian automotive industry gradually became global. We want to go a similar way in a number of other industries , -

Said Vasily Osmakov.     


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